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[Guide] Useless guide to equipments rating

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  • [Guide] Useless guide to equipments rating

    Useless guide to equipments rating

    Wartune's equipments have rating provided by the system, which, generally shows rough estimate of how powerful an equipment is. However, you might have noticed sometimes obviously better/stronger equipments are grossly underrated when compared to others with the same name. This short guide attempts to uncover the calculation of equipment rating, explaining how that happened.
    Since it's likely you have learned to evaluate stats and ignore rating, this guide is of little usefulness for your play and mainly for mechanics aspect.

    The formulae
    Equipment rating is basically sum of all equipment stats with different multipliers. Equipment stats has 4 parts:
    • Main stats (white text)
    • Enchantment stats (green text next to main stats)
    • Bonus stats (1-5 lines of green text random stats)
    • Gem stats (socketed gems)

    Equipment rating is presented in the form X (+Y)
    X (original rating) = Main stats rating + 2 * Bonus stats rating

    Y (additional rating) = Enchantment stats rating + Gem stats rating
    Rating for each part shown above is sum of stats in that part with respective multiplier as given in table below:

    Stats Multiplier
    Power 4
    Intellect 4
    Defense 4
    Endurance 2
    Charisma 2
    PATK 1
    MATK 1
    PDEF 1
    MDEF 1
    HP 0.2*
    Crit 1
    Block 0
    *Each HP rating will be rounded down

    Example Click image for larger version

Name:	ValorBrooch.jpg
Views:	1
Size:	36.3 KB
ID:	1733750 X = [831 / 5] + 2 * ([153 / 5] + 75 + 75 + 19 * 4 + 79) = 836

    Y = [1321 / 5] + [560 / 5] + 112 + 112 = 600

    [] denotes rounding down
    • Due to multipliers, equipments with block will normally be rated lower than no-block equipments.
    • Equipments with basic stats (Pow, Int...) will also not appear as strong as they actually are.
    • Equipments selling price are not affected by rating / actual stats, only their level and rarity.

    Thank you for spending your time reading this guide. If you spot any error, kindly please notify me.

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    Nice guide thank u
    Learn the search function and use the search function help r2 by reducing the threads which might have already been posted

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      Cool~ Something to read while bored... Thanks
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        May I ask something, I experimented with the arrangement of gems socketed on my ring and I calculated its "Y" br and i noticed that the 4th gem value was not included. It so happen that a lv 5 HP gem is in the 4th slot so it should give (880/5 = 176 br) but its not. my BR is 77980.
        Here it is.
        Click image for larger version

Name:	ring1.png
Views:	1
Size:	107.6 KB
ID:	1679759

        1035 + 220 + 176 + 176 + (880/5)(0) = 1607

        Then I swapped the places of my lv 5 HP gem with the lv 6 Matk gem socketed on my ring and the equipment rating "Y" dropped from 1607 to 1563. My BR is not changed still 77980. here it is.

        Click image for larger version

Name:	ring2.png
Views:	1
Size:	105.1 KB
ID:	1679760

        So calculated its Y rating and the results show that the 4th gem nulls the Br of the gem in it. In other words it has a multiplier of zero.

        1035 + (880/5) +176 + 176 + 220(0) = 1563

        So any clarification here. What does the equipment rating do? does it affect your total Br because in my case its not, same BR at those 2 combination of gem slots, but different Equipment rating.
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          Click image for larger version

Name:	br.png
Views:	1
Size:	385.2 KB
ID:	1679769
          the equipment br rating didnt change by switching 4th slot gem or even remove it gem (on 4th slot),
          -West Coast S115


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            +1....For ur math.. =)
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              Originally posted by Ole.Joe View Post
              the equipment br rating didnt change by switching 4th slot gem or even remove it gem (on 4th slot),
              Ya you're right because the 4th slot has a multiplier of zero so any value of a gem in 4th slot will not be counted in Equipment rating. As you can see in my 2nd attachments that I used 4 gems and I placed the lv 6 Matk (220 Br) to the 4th slot to really proved that it has a multiplier of 0, as a result 1035 + (880/5) +176 + 176 + 220(0) = 1563
              while in my first attchment the lv 4 Hp gem was socketed and as a result 1035 + 220 + 176 + 176 + (880/5)(0) = 1607. So you can see here that the equipment rating goes down from 1607 to 1563 because the lv 6 Matk (220) in my 1st attachment was in the 1st slot which has a multiplier of 1 and the lv 5 Hp (880/5 = 176 br) was in the 4th slot which was useless since it was multiplied to 0. now on my 2nd attachment I interchanged the places of those 2 gems, now the Lv 6 Matk was multiplied to 0 (220*0 = 0) and the lv 5 hp was multiplied to 1 (880/5 *1 = 176) so the total Br was dropped by (220 - 176 = 44, 1607 - 1563 = 44).

              In your case you don't see any changed because:

              1. the gems you put in the 4th slot was useless, it will neither add or decrease the equipment rating.
              2. you put a lv 6 Hp (1100/5) = 220 in the non 4th slots which is equal to your other gem's value except for that lv 7 patk (280), so you don't see the equipment rating drop. Try putting the lv 7 Patk in the 4th slot and you will see that the equipment rating will drop from 1725 (+2355) to 1725 (+2295) because now your lv 7 Patk (280) was multiplied by 0 because its now in the 4th slot, and your lv HP (220) was put in a non-4th slot. now the equipment rating will drop by 60 (2355 - 2295 = 60).

              Otherwise the Equipment rating total is not the true BR that adds up to your Battle rating. R2 is confusing and should have made an overall guide to these calculations.
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