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[Guide]: How to survive as a free player

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  • [Guide]: How to survive as a free player

    I just wanted to share my stubborn experiences to players that refuse to pay to play.
    Oh, the pride of being a free player!

    I play on s13 Undead Swamp as a lvl46 mage
    and I just wanna say that I've never spent a single cent on this game (literally boasting, yes, I'm proud of it xD)

    As you start the game, most people would be saying "buy the first recharge pack"
    the first recharge pack includes a lot of nice goodies, which I never got (because I never bought it)
    Yes, it's really helpful, but if you're really cheap (like me), really stingy (like me), and you don't wanna pay, then don't, just stop thinking about it

    Of course, as a free player, there are cutbacks. You have to play against players who put money into the game, players with two skill sets, players with crazy socket lots, etc... (Being a free player is never easy, but that's the point!)


    So here's my not-so-official guide to just playing (free-players and balenors alike):

    1) Get into a good/active guild:
    • you don't have to get into top 10 guilds or anything like that, just make sure you're in an active one, that constantly upgrades their guild stuff
    • Guild skills are THE BOMB for free players, so make sure you try to max out as much as possible (the ones that are useful to you, of course)
    • Getting gold is really tedious work for everybody, the gold boost in guild skill helps in the long run

    2) Technology team/Academy:
    • Max out your tech skills as much as possible, bring it up to your level, even troops
    • the gold production plus here is useful as well, don't ever forget about it
    • MAX OUT YOUR PLUNDERS EVERYDAY so you get enough kyanite to upgrade your crazy academy skills
    • Be patient, or use vouchers. Either wait out the time on the cooldown or use vouchers to buy it out. (I would recommend that you use vouchers on the last 10 minutes = 5 vouchers)

    3) Skill Tree
    • okay, so here is where players like to spend money, VIP or non VIP
    • So, if you notice, you can buy a second skill tree for an amount of money (of course, two skill trees are better than one, but the second skill tree would automatically make you a paying player, even if you just paid once, where's the pride in that? =p)
    • Always figure out which way you wanna go, for mages, we have heals, attacks and hybrids. I'm going for heal. I figured, once you max out one side, you can work on the other, that's my opinion. But you can always hybrid. For hybrids, it takes a lot to balance out what you want, so the skill calculator is really important. Figure out which way you wanna go before you put in your skill points
    • You can spend 895 vouchers to reset skill points, but I'd recommend that for later, when you've finalized what you want, I would suggest that you use the skill calculator and play with the skill points until you get something close to what you want, you can try out different sets and figure out which ones you like best

    4) Astrals
    • Everybody has problems with astrals, well, maybe not everyone, but astrals hate me
    • I have bad luck with astrals, that's why I gave up on them, I wouldn't recommend that you do the same though, it's just that I rather spend gold on guild contribution to get guild skills
    • It's always nice to get orange astrals, but remember to feed it
    • I have one orange astral (I got lucky that one time) and 3 purple astrals, I'd suggest that you get as many good astrals as you can and feed them as much as possible
    • You can work up to 7k star points and buy an orange astral, but I've never bought any because up until now, I've been too lazy and way too dishearted to continue with astrals.....
    • Just so you know, having good astrals are a nice plus =) Free players should work on it when they have extra gold

    5) GOLD
    • Gold is an issue to everyone, we don't get enough, free players and paying players alike
    • (optional) plant gold seeds... (b'duh)
    • make sure you get your resource quarries
    • okay, so you've got a bundle of gold and you wanna go offline, what do you do?
    • You're an idiot if you log out with like 100k gold lying around. WHAT IF SOMEONE PLUNDERS YOU?
    • either spend your gold on astrals, or dump them in guild contribution
    • or you can enchant, of course
    • enchanting is really expensive, especially when it's down to the 10%rate and costs ***** loads of gold. My suggestion: you can try your luck by burning gold, or just synthesize luck stones until you get a lvl9 luck stone... (that's what I do, the lvl9 luck stone thing, I have 8 items on my character, 4 of which are fully enchanted, I find that it's enough, if I have to burn anymore gold on these crazy high prices, I'd snap)

    • I'm pretty sure you get like 3 free rods when you play, though I don't really remember....
    • For free players, socket rods can be obtained in guild blessing/altar, that's when you're super lucky (but someone I find that it doesn't apply to our server, a lot of people get lucky with rods. But then, it could be that I spin only twice a day, because I'm cheap like that)
    • When it comes to using socket rods, you'll need to know which gears you're aiming for. Like, for example, you want a lvl55 arena set but it's not out yet, you can save your socket rods for later or you can use it on your current set
    • It's not easy for free players to get socket rods, unless you're incredibly lucky, of course. Personally, I save up my socket rods because I believe there will be more gear in the future..........
    • I recall using a socket rod a longgg time ago, and I think it was a quest

    7) GEMS
    • Gems such as HP gems, PDEF/MDEF/PATK/MATK, etc gems are dropped in Forgotten Catacombs (what most people just call cata) >>> synthesize your gems to the highest lvl possible
    • Make sure you go to cata everyday, with or without crypt key
    • I have 14 crypt keys at the moment, I'm saving them until i can pass like flr etc on cata.... Then I can get like crazy crypt tokens, but just maybe =/

    • Do as much as you can so you get your 95 devotion points to get the last redemption

    9) GEARS
    • It's important to use the right gear, arena gears give initial 30 rage, cata gears give rage build up
    • Figure out what you want to be good at
    • Arena gears are for fights that aren't meant to last long (this applies to mages mostly), I mean c'mon, our rage build up is crazy slow. I'm on arena set right now, and I'm starting to think I want a the cata set
    • For archers and knights, your rage build up is so much faster than mages, so getting the cata set would probably lead you to 100 rage really fast, but even with the initial 30 rage, your rage build up is still so much more better than mages
    • If you think you're going to have long fights where you'll run out of rage during the fight, the cata set is really nice. For short fights, such as duels in arena, the arena set is obviously better, but that's only when you KNOW the fight doesn't last long.
    • If fights last long, such as fights with certain NPCs (or bosses in cata), and players that have similar BR to yourself, you just know it's gonna be a long fight... Cata set rocks when you have long fights because your rage builds up faster and you don't ever have to worry about running out too soon (I don't even know if I make sense now)
    • So yes, figuring out the gear that will live up to your standards is important. And if you really like that gear, then only you use your socket rods on them. Bear in mind that YOUR SOCKET RODS DON'T COME BACK!

    10) VOUCHERS
    • vouchers work like balens
    • it's like balens for free players
    • but you don't buy them
    • I'm a hoarder, right now I have 8k vouchers..... free players should be hoarders too, save stuff even when you don't know if you'll use it, save it anyways
    • Maybe one day, hopefully in the near future, we might be able to buy socket rods with vouchers~ when that day comes, let's all be happy~ xD
    • Vouchers can be used to upgrade farm land
    • speed up cooldowns
    • reset skill points
    • buy inventory space
    • no I don't have all 3 pages of inventory... yet...
    • I'm saving vouchers for who knows what O.o
    • I just like saving them... -_-

    11) FARMING
    • it's always nice to max out your farm lvl, and when I say always, I mean always
    • It might not matter, not even for free players, but it's just something I enjoy, maxing out stuff
    • When you harvest friends' crops, bear in mind that you have limited harvest attempts. STEAL WHAT YOU NEED. In my case, I steak kyanite (most of the time)
    • I honestly don't understand why people steal one hour seeds, I mean, how much can you get? And if people say they rarely reach the harvest limit, I find that suspiciously odd. C'mon, don't tell me you don't steal stuff!
    • My trick is stealing what I need for the first half of the day, which is right after tree rest, then right before tree reset, I steal as much as I can until I get to my limit (of course I like stealing 4 hour seeds, I just accidentally steal 1 hour seeds, and I hate it when I steal 1 hour seeds, I think about that one extra 4 hour seed I couldda harvested...)


    Yeah I know, I went blah-blah-blah on everything else when I'm supposed to talk about how to live as a free player.
    Duh, it's easy, just don't use money in the game.
    You want to be strong without cashing? Is it impossible? >> Of course not! Guild skills, academy skills, astrals! Work on it!
    Can't figure which skills to get? >> CONSULT THE SKILL CALCULATOR! try out different skill sets until you find the one you want!

    Anything else? >> Leave a comment, I'll reply as soon as I can, or when I actually read the forums again...


    The fun part of being a free player is beating up cash players because you can
    The not so fun part is knowing you could be so much more better if you weren't so stingy xD
    Anyways, being an all free player doesn't suck, y'know? When you get to beat cash players the same level as yourself, you feel that sense of accomplishment and that's what makes being a free player so much fun =D (But of course there are crazy strong players that cash and you just can't seem to beat, but it's okay, you just work to get stronger =D)

    Free players play for the fun of it, don't ever forget that you're not here to be "better than someone".
    It's just a game, so have fun =)

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    i suggest you apply to top3 guilds in your server. if your guild win gb at the end of the week, even if you're not one of the participants, you still get rewards (not as much as participants). free soul crystal and mount training whip.


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      the suggestion about choosing between cata gear and arena gear is not exactly optimal when you factor in the set bonuses. The arena gear is superior everytime. the = damage dealt doesn't really stack up to the def reduction.


      • #4
        yeah, but this applies to cases where players are not able to apply to the top 3 guilds (rewards from GB are awesome btw xD)
        Last edited by ghostgal23; 12-10-2012, 10:40 PM.


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          i agree that in set bonus, damage dealt with arena gear is superior, but personally, I'd prefer a cata gear, even when i don't deal as much damage, because I need better rage build up, it doesn't matter if you have initial 30 rage, mages have uber slow rage build up, everytime I want to heal and my rage goes down to zero, I feel like it's the end of the world, if I can't survive, how am I supposed to land a hit?
          But of course, majority will prefer the arena gear, (endurance, initial rage and ignoring opponents' def points) It's obviously so much better
          It's just that I personally prefer cata gear, just because of the rage build up it offers


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            Being a free player myself, I really enjoyed reading your guide and laughed my head off all through. Thanks so much.......


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              It's a pleasure ^^


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                HI Gohstgal lol <3 cookizz


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                  do not sell blues and purple equips.. recycle them and refine your equipments..

                  if you're a mage, try getting Matk and Intellect bonuses (both) on each equipment..
                  if you're a knight and archer, try getting Patk and Power bonuses (both) on each equipment.

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                  I'm a non casher player

                  My Guide/s:

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                    and soon, we will see what we call as free player as a rare species.
                    with those free ballens, you can have unlimited balens. some of my guildmates claim that they can have 1k/4-5 hours. other (this one is a bit overrated) can get 1k/hour, using 10 pc. and thats only from watching videos.
                    for me? not even close with that, but soon i wil get my 3rd socketing rod from free balens videos.


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                      I like going the free route. I love the astrals because there are times when gems take a while for me to get. i have 1 red astral (captured not bought with points), 2 purple, and 3 orange (2 in use 1 on standby). Love the guide.


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                        the beast guide ever..... i hope money players read it to. by my self i am a free pleyer its hard but fun


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                          Originally posted by zafira1234 View Post
                          the beast guide ever..... i hope money players read it to. by my self i am a free pleyer its hard but fun
                          beastest guide ever. whales is good
                          u free player follow this guide, sure 200k br soon.
                          Five Sylphs for the Heros in wartune,
                          Two for the Whales in their deep blue ocean,
                          Three for Mortal Men doomed to die,
                          One for the Big Whales on their dark throne
                          In the Land of Wartune where the heroes lie.
                          One sylph to crush them all, One sylph to kill mobs,
                          One sylph to bring them all and in the darkness bind them
                          In the Land of Wartune where the Moby duck lie."