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MP Dungeon best question?

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  • MP Dungeon best question?

    I want to know what is the benefits of mp dungeon(cross server higher br requirements) vs hall of heroes?
    does mp dungeon have a higher rewards like exp and drops, if it is, what is the percentage of rewards for mp dungeon and hall of heroes??

    thanks in advanced for the reply...

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    Cross server MPD's are mainly used to get devotion. That is why you see all the nether forest request. BUT they can be used to do a MPD that you can get done on your server because it is too hard or there are not enough people to do it. Although to be honest this hardly ever happens because you can fill the group with 4 people that want to do Nervana Nightmare.


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      Doing a mpd vs csmpd has the same rewards.

      The only good thing about doing your mpd run as a csmpd is killing 2 devo at the same time, you get your csmpd devo and hall of heroes devo done at the same time.

      If you need help doing a mpd that you can not find on your server doing csmpd might be better.

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        thehermit61 and X-23, thanks for the response....


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          The benefits of doing CS/MPD and regular MPD are the same with the added bits:
          • You can get MPD devo and CS/MPD devo at the same time if you complete it.
          • You probably will be able to find those who are willing to help you at the Cross Platform level than at the server level.
          • Makes it much easier on a newer server if you have a character on an older server that is on the same time zone and grouping.
          The downfall of CS/MPD:
          • You may not find anyone to help you out on your run (either because no one is available, don't want to bother helping, or out of grouping).
          • Max is up to 4 matched in at any time. Odd person will always be left out.
          • If you leave without completing, you are penalized 15 minutes from joining.
          • Only regular MPD based items can be utilized. Weeklies like Spire, Tara, etc. are not eligible for this.
          • CS is 2 hours at the times it wants you to be on. Therefore, if you missed either time, you're left out.
          In conclusion, it gives out the same rewards at the end. Just the devo is piled on when it comes to tasks.
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