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[Guide] Farm Guide

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  • imbazavar
    started a topic [Guide] Farm Guide

    [Guide] Farm Guide

    I know that Farm guide it's not something that most people need and they think it's useless but I think there are many new players who don't know what to do with Farm and how to expand it.

    At level 11 you will have your farm unlocked so as soon as you get your farm you should try to get as many friends as possible so you can unlock maximum farm fields.
    You can find your Farm on your right side outside of your City.
    There are few things in your farm that you have to pay to attention to.First is your Tree of Wisdom.Your Tree of Wisdom can be energized three times per day by you, and once per day by each of your friends. Energizing a friend's tree gives your farm 1 experience; however, once the tree is fully charged, it cannot be energized by anyone. The tree needs to be energized 9+(farm level) times to fully charge it.

    A fully charged tree can be harvested to obtain some Vouchers and Kyanite, which also sets its energy level back to 0. This can only be done once per day, however (due to a cooldown time of nearly 24 hours). A level 1 Tree of Wisdom generates 40 Vouchers and 1000 Kyanite; each additional level increases this by 4 Vouchers and 100 Kyanite.

    Farm fields

    The farm starts with 3 farm fields, and gains one additional farm fields every 5th level. Each field can contain one plant at a time. While the field is occupied, it has a chance of being attacked by weeds or bugs. You or any of your friends can click on the field to remove the weeds or bugs, and earn 1 experience for their farm.
    If a field with weeds or bugs is left alone for too long, the plant with eventually wither. Withered plants can be revived by a friend, whose farm will get 1 experience for the deed. Unlike with weeding and exterminating, you cannot revive your own plants.
    Once a plant is fully grown, it can be harvested by you or any of your friends.It can be harvested up to tree friends.Friends who harvest a plant will only take a small portion of the plant's value(10%); only the plant's owner can harvest the entire plant.

    Farm Plants
    Gold Seeds
    Prefix/ Farm Level/ Production/ Cost/ Time (hr)
    [L1]Gold seed/ 1/ 3000/ 600 gold/ 1h
    [L1] Superior/ 1/ 10000/ 2000 gold/ 4h
    [L1] Ultimate/ 1/ 25000/ 30 balens/ 12h
    [L2] Gold seed/ 15/ 4500/ 900 gold/ 1h
    [L2] Superior/ 15/ 15000/ 3000 gold/ 4h
    [L2] Ultimated/ 15/ 37500/ 45 balens/ 12h
    [L3] Gold seed/ 35/ 6000/ 5 balens/ 1h
    [L3] Superior/ 35/ 20000/ 20 balens/ 4h
    [L3] Ultimate/ 35/ 50000/ 60 balens/ 12h

    Daru Seed
    Prefix/ Farm Level/ Production/ Cost/ Time (hr)
    [L1] Daru seed/ 1/ 1800/ 600 gold/ 1h
    [L1] Superior/ 1/ 6000/ 2000 gold/ 4h
    [L1] Ultimate/ 1/ 15000/ 30 balens/ 12h
    [L2] Daru seed/ 20/ 2700/ 900 gold/ 1h
    [L2] Superior/ 20/ 9000/ 3000 gold/ 4h
    [L2] Ultimate/ 20/ 22500/ 45 balens/ 12h
    [L3] Daru seed/ 40/ 3600/ 5 balens/ 1h
    [L3] Superior/ 40/ 12000/ 20 balens/ 4h
    [L3] Ultimate/ 40/ 30000/ 60 balens/ 12h

    Kyanite SeedEdit

    Prefix/ Farm Level/ Production/ Cost/ Time (hr)
    [L1] Kyanite Seed/ 5/ 600/ 600 gold/ 1h
    [L1] Superior/ 5/ 2000/ 2000 gold/ 4h
    [L1] Ultimate/ 5/ 5000/ 30 balens/ 12h
    [L2] Kyanite Seed/ 5/ 900/ 900 gold/ 1h
    [L2] Superior/ 25/ 3000/ 3000 gold/ 4h
    [L2] Ultimate/ 25/ 7500/ 45 balens/ 12h
    [L3] Kyanite Seed/ 45/ 1200/ 5 balens/ 1h
    [L3] Superior/ 45/ 4000/ 20 balens/ 4h
    [L3] Ultimate/ 45/ 10000/ 60 balens/ 12h
    *Note: Only one kyanite seed can be planted in your farm at a time.

    Experience Seed
    Prefix/ Farm Level/ Production/ Cost/ Time (hr)
    [L1] ExpSeed/ 10/ 4200/ 600 gold/ 1h
    [L1] Superior/ 10/ 14000/ 2000 gold/ 4h
    [L1] Ultimate/ 10/ 35000/ 30 balens/ 12h
    [L2] ExpSeed/ 30/ 6300/ 900 gold/ 1h
    [L2] Superior/ 30/ 21000/ 3000 gold/ 4h
    [L2] Ultimate/ 30/ 52500/ 45 balens/ 12h
    [L3] ExpSeed/ 50/ 8400/ 5 balens/ 1h
    [L3] Superior/ 50/ 28000/ 20 balens/ 4h
    [L3] Ultimate/ 50/ 70000/ 60 balens/ 12h

    My opinion is that you should stick to Gold and Kyanite untill you don't need more gold.And whatever you plant don't forget to always put one kyanite seed because you will need lots of kyanite.
    If you have lots of free time and you will be online for more than 4 hours I suggest you using 1hour seed they give gold/daru/kyanite/exp than 4hour seeds.
    For example Lvl2 superior gold seed gives 15000 for 4 hours so 15000x8=120000.Why 8 you may ask because 1 is for Kyanite.And Lvl2 Gold seed gives 4500 for 1 hour so 4500x8=36000 36000x4=144000.It's not much but it's better than nothing .

    Farm Upgrade
    Try to save your vouchers for Farm Update

    By having a high level in Wartune Farm fields, you can earn even more Gold, Daru, and Kyanite. When your farm level reaches level 30, you can upgrade the land with either Balens or Vouchers. There are a maximum of 10 Farm level upgrades that you can do. Below is the cost and their effects to upgrade your Wartune Farming.

    *Note: Your farm level cannot exceed your Hero level.

    Level 2: 260 Balen or Vouchers. Crop Production +3%, Time reduced by 2%
    Level 3: 1040 Balen or Vouchers. Crop Production +6%, Time reduced by 4%
    Level 4: 2700 Balen or Vouchers. Crop Production +9%, Time reduced by 6%
    Level 5: 5400 Balen or Vouchers. Crop Production +12%, Time reduced by 8%
    Level 6: 9450 Balen or Vouchers. Crop Production +15%, Time reduced by 10%

    You can steal from your friends farms.You can steal up to 1 time each seed and up to 200 times at day.You steal 10% of your friends seeds production.If you are going to steal from other people try to not steal from your guildies,real life friends.Because stealing is bad!

    I think thats all.

    Thank you!
    Last edited by imbazavar; 03-29-2013, 08:45 AM.

  • freeswag91
    op's "math" failed to account for seed costs...

    15000x8=120000 120 000-8*3000=96000
    4500x8=36000, 36000x4=144000, 144 000- 32*900=115200

    also, precise increase in income is value of 20% in this case. I'll leave evaluating if it's worth the hassle to reader.

    as for person which necroed that thread... ehhhhh. Leave outdated threads alone. And read terms and conditions, nuthin here is yours exept bills for balens.

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  • R2135551741
    I can't seem to find anywhere that explains why you can plant 5 Leveler seeds but you can only have one seed at a time planted for Kyanite. Seems really strange to me. Let me plant what I want fool. It's my farm. Lol.

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  • imbazavar
    Originally posted by R28349595 View Post
    I got my farm upgraded to lvl 6 land and now my exp is 530/530 and my combat lvl is 50.
    The farm exp have not increase for more than 5 days, no matter how hard i farm.
    Is there got to do with max farm lvl vs combat lvl?
    Your farm level cannot be highter than your Hero level.Than means if you are 50 level your farm max level will be 50.

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  • R28349595
    I got my farm upgraded to lvl 6 land and now my exp is 530/530 and my combat lvl is 50.
    The farm exp have not increase for more than 5 days, no matter how hard i farm.
    Is there got to do with max farm lvl vs combat lvl?

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