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Balens for the Non Cash player

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  • R27626879
    started a topic Balens for the Non Cash player

    Balens for the Non Cash player

    Coiners, Casher, buying your win, all phrases used to deride people for spending money in place of skill (supposedly).

    Disclosure: I spend cash on the game.

    Now some people have disposable income to spend on silly games, others do not, some people have the money and prefer not to spend it on silly games, and still others want to but their significant other would be very unhappy about it. Luckily for everyone advertisers want to give you balens for various things that you can do.

    First at the top of the screen you will see a flashing banner that says Click image for larger version

Name:	free balens.JPG
Views:	1
Size:	8.9 KB
ID:	1735429. Click here and you start your adventure.

    Your browser will open a new window/tab depending on your browser and how you have it configured.

    On top you will see a few (9 as of this writing) options, Playersize/superrewards, supersonic ads, etc Each of these has it's strength and weakness explore them and find the ones you like.

    Many of the offers may require credit card or download and installation of software. I have not had any occurances of 'virus' infection from this, but not all software is equal, so be prepared to be able to remove any software you install to get your machine running fast and happy again. Also if you are running a Mac there are not very many download/install options for you, sorry talk to the advertisers about this.

    The next section is just highlighted items that are in the above areas, if you scroll down you will see a green and a red rectangle "Watch Vidoes and ERAN Balen" (green) and "WATCH VIDEOS and EARN BALENS" (red).

    I have found the green banner to pay a little better 2 - 3 balens per video -vs- 1 - 2 on the red. Both have limits to how many they will show you in a day, but on just the green videos you can earn about 100 balen per day.

    Offer types:

    Each of the companies that are here have several types popular, free, purchase/premium, survey, etc.

    Free, well really nothing is free many of these are download and install. Almost all of which have embedded toolbars or other methods of tracking/gaining information. Some of the programs are great, others not so much I can not and will not evaluate each offer. In some cases it's a great way to get software you could use but didn't know about (photo editing, PDF generators, etc).
    Other items are 'trials'. Try our product for 1 month free, and 24.99 a month there after (or whatever the price is), a great way to try a service (Audible, Credit reporting, etc) if you like it and it's of value, great keep it, if not cancel and go on your way. Make sure you note how to cancel any trial before you exit the offer.
    Even other items are things that just require your email address or other information (name, Address, etc). I have not seen any of these as for your Social Security Number, but if any ever does, I do NOT recommend that you give this number out, I would skip those offers.

    Buy our product, and get some balens, straight forward. Most of these require you to be a first time purchaser. If you are buying to get the balens, remember that the balen - dollar ration is about 100 balens to the dollar. So spend $10 to get 50 balens isn't a good deal, but spend $10 to get 5,000 balens is a great deal, use your head and you will be good.

    These can pay very well, but will be more time intensive in most cases, also you may invest 5 - 10 minutes doing the preliminary information to find out you are not part of the demographic they are looking for in which case you may not get any balen for your time.

    Keeping them honest.
    As with all things, computers don't always do everything perfectly and some offers may not always report correctly and when you enter a ticket you need proof you actually did what you claim. My suggested method is as follows:

    1) keep a list of each one you do, how much you should get paid and when (date and time) that you did it. Make sure you do all steps if it says you must do 150,000 clicks and dance like a chicken, make sure you do.
    2) I use Snagit from Softwarecasa to video capture each offer I do, and save it to my hard drive and put the name of the file in my spreadsheet.
    3) If an offer lists as viewed and not completed you can usually submit a request to have it reviewed. Explain what you did, and that you have a video of the install if the site allows attach the video. Review from my experience takes 1 - 3 days to get the balens.

    You won't get rich this way, but I bought 50 socketing rods, wings and other clothing for my character and was able to use the balens to refine my gear. Just one of the companies has provided me with 4159 free balens, that would be about $41.59 if I had to break out my credit card.

    Click image for larger version

Name:	balens earned.JPG
Views:	1
Size:	10.6 KB
ID:	1735430

    I hope this helps you to get a step ahead in the game and I will see you in the battle grounds.

  • Whispir
    I used Sandboxie to supposedly keep the download offers isolated and not being able to touch my other files. Atleast that's what it says. :x After doing the offers, I clicked the option to empty the box and boom, all gone. Had to disable my antivirus or some things would get blocked. Haven't had any problems. If I had a download that spammed me with popups(only happened once), I just emptied the box(terminates all programs and windows opened within the box and deletes any cookies/files) and went to the next.

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  • JohnNguyen
    Watching videos is the easiest/fastest/safestest way to earned Balens.

    Download offered is second risky: 90% of getting virus (I bought licences of anti-virus call: Webroot. Everytime I click Instal. It always detect at least 1 virus. And if you lucky enough successful download without getting virus. Your computer is slow down. By clicking Start and search the programs you just download and reinstall doesn't mean it completlly removed all the programs. It still remained some where. Unless you have Advance System Care Ultimate which you need a license for $19.99. You can reinstal then powerful scan. That deleted very small single files related to it. The most hard to get rid of is toolbar. Keep deleting and it keep on).

    Purchase/Premium: The offered pretty awesome high pay, but most risky. Really? You really gave out your credits card number to buy something you don't trust? May it a spam site, or it a hacker site? Plus! Are you 100% Guaranteed that when you purchased their's items. You earned balens?

    Surveys: Luck/or no Luck. Most of the survey asking same info over and over again. Name, address, household income, age, phone, email address. Even you spam or gave you right info. You not always quality. If you want to wasted time to fill in some survey for 10~20 min. and get 18~420 balens then try.
    Last edited by JohnNguyen; 08-02-2013, 11:18 PM.

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  • R222960326
    Kabam has yet to offer free Balen links.

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  • belenis
    I don't see the banner. Can you post a link?

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