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Knight Guide : From lvl 1 - lvl 50

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  • Knight Guide : From lvl 1 - lvl 50

    Hy all, this will be quick beggining guide for knights. Ill share with you some tips for titan up before 50+.
    Firstly I decided to give this guide cause am done with knights,they need just too much time to play with which i dont have.Most guides here are almost the same so I hope this guide will be difirent and helpfull.
    Am starting freshly on
    Dark Plains, Nickname: Adventurer (so you can find me there from now on).
    I planed ahaid so this guide will be also great thing for my new guildies to get some extra help.
    Primary option for guide is knight but it can help other classes aswell.So lets get started.

    There are 2 ways for playing this game :

    1. Chash way
    2. Non chash way

    Eatherway whatever choice you made to play with this guide will help you.

    Before you chose what server youll be playing at, press CODE REDEMPTION and acept a gift away code for your server. Firstly when you log in and start playing clear the first map,When you get Harvest Guest stop there and dont harvest wood, take a min and click Event Prizes (acept your gift and continue playing).

    This section is for Non VIP Players:

    At first 10 lvl-s dont waste yourVouchers on Voucher Quest save them for World Boss events. Youll get VIP Trail Card dont waste it on lvl you get it wait till you get example 25 lvl colect much as you can get Vip Coins example 40 and then use your Vip Trail Card ( To do that when you get automatic VIP start up,just relog your page and trail card will be saved in your bag).Dont waste money and daru on Hunters upgrade your Lancers to lvl 10.Dont waste gold on improving low lvl gear save it for 15 +.At lvl 11 you go further.

    1. TIP: Skills

    Chosing the right way for building your skills is one of the most important things you need to know
    (Avoid skills reset later on) Bulding up your skills depends on your way of playing Tanker or Berzeker.
    I was 2th strongest Knight on my 1sth server (I quite playing so) I hope my choice of skills bar will help you.My choice was combination of tank mode and berzeker mode and its very simple no big deal it goes:

    Skills to lvl 25 Skills to lvl 50

    Slasher - 3 Slasher - 4
    Ultimate S. - 2 Ultimate S. - 3
    Agoran Shiled - 1 Agoran Shiled - 3
    Shadow Trasher - 1 Shadow Trasher - 4
    Divine Blessing - 2 Divine Blessing - 2
    Heart of Rage - 1 Heart of Rage - 2
    Enhaced Block - 1 Enhaced Block - 2
    Combat Master - 1 Combat Master - 3

    NOTE: Once again this was my choice of skills you can and dont need to have same ones,but try to upgrade passive and defanse skills before atack,I didnt chose Reversed Dmg because in my opinion its a waste skill but if you chose to go for Apollo Shiled you will need it.

    2. TIP: Astrals

    Once again its a personal choice, These are my choice:

    PATK - MDEF - GODDES BLESING - For lvl 30

    WILL DESTROYER - For lvl 40

    BLOCK - For lvl 50

    NOTE: Use PDEF astral after lvl 50, replace MDEF astral with CTRL astral when you fight World Boss.
    In catacombs use HP Astral or astrals that heal, MDEF astral after lvl 25.


    Ok guys this part will be interesting ill try share with you all tips i know:

    Save Vouchers dont waste them on runes and speed up buildings kep them just for WB (World Boss).

    Save your Socket Rods for (35 Armor Set or higher level ones).

    Dont make Legendary Sword if you cant afford making other 3 parts of set because you lose 35 armor set supreme option of ignoring 1000 PDEF which is very helpfull in all situations.

    In farm use seeds that need 1 hour to harvest if your online youll get more resources then with 4 h seeds.

    Upgrade your troops with minimum daru input save daru for last troops lvl 50 example:
    This was my choice:

    Lancers - 13 Level
    Priest - 30 Level
    Angel - 48 Level
    Warlock - 40 Level ( ready to be upgraded )

    Upgrade your Academy skils expecialy Hero PATK and Troops MATK if you chose MATK Troops if not use PATK then.Upgrade Gold and troop count skills after that go easy with uping other skills in academy.

    IMPORTANT: Donate gold to guild, upgrade tower skills make friends and help friends it will be repayed later on. And have fun ofc if you can buy VIP and Balens it will help you a lot.

    Ty for your time reading this if you have anymore doubts and questions about the game fell free to subscribe and ask I will update this topic often with things you need to know about game.
    Ignore bad comments if I get some that is normal thing.Thoes who think they are beter or thinks this topic
    is bad or something like that ill gratefully challange in arena or battleground to prove their wrong .

    Have fun

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    Not a bad guide sir! :3


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      Is priest the troop we shall upgrade isn't paladins better,They have high Patk and Pdef.


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        Thank u
        ☆─┐. ─┐☆
        │▒│ /▒/
        │▒ /▒/─┬─