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Pro archers LVL60+, I need help

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  • Pro archers LVL60+, I need help

    Hi, guys.
    I am a lvl59 archer with 37k BR. I have full enchanted and socketed lvl55 set, lvl50 rings and jewels. I want some suggestions on how to build my archer for lvl60+.

    Right now, I am saving for hurricane steed (25k contribution in 1 week) and for darknite steed (3151 tokens so far). After that, I plan to lvl up my astrals (1 astral for lvl60 slot and maybe some red astrals if I'm lucky). I also plan to have lvl60 set.

    One of my guildmates suggests me to go for lvl50 jewels legend but, honestly, I'm not sure.

    Please, suggest me something for my archer, thank you

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    I see that archers are not loved here


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      Lvl 50 legendary set is really easy to get rather than the lvl 60 legendary set.
      I would suggest go for the 50 set.
      Then work your way up to the 60 set starting with the jewels and rings.
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        well i suggest you to go for lvl55 cuz its a long way to reach lvl 60


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          I aint acher but totaly ignore Xhiah comment

          Do not spend keys on lvl50 PVE legendary is waste for you. Start gathering for lvl60.

          but also depends if you are casher or non casher and other aspects


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            it depend how strong your bank account

            heavy casher = all set 60 legend gear since it need lot key n beat stage 5 tormented

            medioker = set 50 legend for left side, n set 60 legend for right side
            lvl 50 pve legend still better than lvl 55 pvp set

            noncash = pvp set 55 for left side n 50 legend for right side
            actualy i'm noncah, that what i have now
            but i keep trying get set 60 normal for right side n planing to made it legend
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              Originally posted by usaqmuri View Post
              I aint acher but totaly ignore Xhiah comment

              Do not spend keys on lvl50 PVE legendary is waste for you. Start gathering for lvl60.

              but also depends if you are casher or non casher and other aspects
              How is 50 leg a waste? it's still better than the pvp 55 set. Having pve gear will a lot in getting the 60 leg or 70 leg sets as well.


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                Obvious comment here but in case you didn't do that, you need to max out your guild skills before you pay for the guild steed. As far as I'm concerned, your BR is pretty low to reach level 60 so if I was you, I would have spent my gold on guild skills to the max first and astras....not on the guild steed.....waste of 50 million gold you could have used on astras and skills.....your BR would be a lot higher.


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                  Thx for all of your opinions. Right now, I'm still lvl 59. I have 39k BR with the hurricane steed. I'm doing god nightmare runs to have lvl50 jewels legend (97 stones so far and I buy 5 stones everyday). I'm also doing astrals ( I have all orange). As for guild skills, my guild is still on CD and I have lvl7 skills max. I plan making lvl60 set legend. That's all for now


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                    legendary level50 jewel and rings are better than level60 jewels and rings


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                      im a lvl 65 archer in 166 server, It might be a good idea well your still lvl 59 to work on your br, mines not great only 58br but im also imperial, after your lvl to lvl 60 it will be hard to gain honour so try and do bg for your 3k per day and well your waiting you can work on your astrals or guild skills, also about the 50 pve set, without that lvl 50 pve set you will find it very difficult to do things like moon nm or DT, I know the set takes awhile but its well worth it, happy hunting