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Astral guide for your character build

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    Originally posted by ElusionM View Post
    Hopefully you're on a new server, or newish..
    You should be trying to obtain orange will destroyer asap. This is where most of your damage will come from

    Any other astral besides the one I listed, is not really needed..
    QAQ! very late to reply this! I'm already moving on lvl..but not 50 yet..bad news is I haven't got that yellow ewd and am in an old server since day1 I played...TAT...


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      im not luck person i always get is green,blue,and mifortune...


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        only thing i wanna know u can use block and Ilusion at the same time ?


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          Originally posted by Korica View Post
          only thing i wanna know u can use block and Ilusion at the same time ?
          Yes you can.
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            astral advice

            Level 38 non-cash mage here.

            I have close to 2000 points now and have these locked:
            goddess blessing level 3
            regeneration level 4
            will destroyer level 3

            I've also saved:
            Ruthlessness level 1
            mysticality level 2

            I am wondering what to do.
            I am thinking of just waiting to get to 7000 points.
            Meanwhile I also think of combining ruthlessness into Mysticality to boost the MATK...but then I have to use that with one of the 3 I have saved. Don't know which I should sacrifice.


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              should i save for a red or a yellow first?

              for an archer, what yellow should i get first? what red?


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                I would save up for the red one no point in wasting u point for a yellow one if the red ones are better. Look up astral in youtube. It helps chances are better check it out


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                  This is by far the best guide I've ever seen, you've definitely put a lot of damn effort into this, keep up the good work.
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                    my knight is LeveL 44 and im using astraL PATK, PDEF, MDEF and WILL destroyer? which it better for 4th astraL wiLL of destroyer or goddess bLessing or bLock? repLy asap thank you