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Archer By not using cash :D

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  • Archer By not using cash :D

    Hi Guyz, Most ppl say archers need cash to be the best after lvl 45.But, nope its not fully true. This guide i hope will help the beginners to a good archers. Now, lets start....
    Class Overview
    Archer are pure glass cannon crits and they mostly lead in the world boss because of this. We lack a bit in Catatombs because we have just 1 AoE attak (i.e. Lunatic fire and later a delephic death star(100 rage) So we have to keep up with the other player by increasing PAtk ,Crit and Defences.
    Skill Set Up
    This is till lvl 40

    ArrowStrike - The solid basic and an rage building attack, crit rate is also increased by 20% so it important for pvp, Catatombs and World boss.

    Acumen - Gives 3 (lvl 1 and lvl 2 5) rage points after a crit so if u use multi shot u get 6 and 10 rage points

    Multi Shot- It is a partial AoE attack yet not an AoE . It can be used in Catatombs , World boss and pvp.

    Poison Arrow - It can reduce Hp by 44% of Patk . Can be used in World boss.

    Delphic Sniper - Most ppl think is cool cause the character becomes so big n stuff is a big rage consumer and
    so is hardly used so keep it at lvl 1. Can be used in World boss.

    Eagle Eye - Increases Crit and Hp upto 15% so max it out.

    Deep Freeze The 2 nd most powerful attack and it reduces speed and almost allows u to gain a turn and hit the guy at the back where mostly the powerfull ppl are. It can be used in World boss,Catatombs,Pvp.

    BloodThirsty strike -The only move that allows u to gain HP i recommened it highly on BGs (saved me a lot of times)

    Lunatic Fire - The only AoE and it has a high chance of crit hits maked it the most important at Catatombs ,
    Pvp, BG.

    Patk, Crit,Charisma
    Geming archers is a bit easy and dont use more Crit and make Patk and Crit equal.

    Complex and confusing part I would say Participate in GBs and GAs and get the private medallion before u go to lvl 40 cause it will be easy to get champion medallion.That way u can get armor from arena.The thing i notice in most ppl is in Crypt shop even if u pair some rings or jewels ull get a negtive buff so dont pair buy the same thing again!!

    PDef ,MDef and PAtk.till lvl 40

    Skill Shop
    Get Defence to lvl 2, Power to lvl1 and Endurance to lvl1

    I hope this helped u guyz to become a better archer an Best of luck Enjoy the non cash way and look out for events cause u might get gears for free

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    You dont know nothing about archer... 40v - week of game and later what?
    Most important games? Patk mdef pdef and hp on legend slot.
    Archers own on wb without cash? No after part 3 of last patch.
    This guide is maybe nice for 1st week of game...nothing more.


    Crit Mage 80v
    ~135k Br



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      omg, bro, with archer till lvl 40 you need to reach minimum elite warrior on BG, better get crusader till lvl 40. Non-cash archer is nothing, with your gems on charisma, and champions title on lvl 40 you will lose everyone and everywhere. Caz, no HP, no pdef, no mdef. Optionally on lvl 45 you need to have about 6k pdef, and 6k mdef, to do pvp properly, + 7k patk min, better of course more.


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        thanks for your effort on making this non-casher archer guide
        but, I think you missed some important points
        the most important on every class' skill is their passive skills
        you have to max them out first b4 you work on other skill
        and for lvl 40, I believe all passive skills are able to be maxed

        if you aint a casher, its actually hard to ger socketing rod
        since you get them free from guild altar and guild altar aint so nice after all
        so just socket patk gem on each gear and mdef gem on your bow (bow has 2 slots open)
        but, if you decided to socketing them with 3 gems each, the best option is patk, mdef, and pdef gems
        if you have leg gear, you have 1 more slot for a gem, you can put hp or crit gem

        use patk and crit-combo (crit astral and determination)
        those asral are the most important for archer (crit mage and crit knight too)
        this is a bit bout astral http://

        Guild Skill
        the most important for archer is power
        with high patk and crit you can inflict deathly atk to your enemy
        and as in wb, you can get more daru and gold with high crit dmg

        but it still nice to know someone actually care to share
        No Sign


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          1st of all - slow lvling if you are noncasher... Stay as long you can under 50, if you want go higher, stay under 60 becouse without cash you only make step closer game end


          Crit Mage 80v
          ~135k Br



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            Need more researchin i guess s


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              Originally posted by AnataOFAkku View Post
              You dont know nothing about archer... 40v - week of game and later what?
              Most important games? Patk mdef pdef and hp on legend slot.
              Archers own on wb without cash? No after part 3 of last patch.
              This guide is maybe nice for 1st week of game...nothing more.
              Its till lvl 40 so its 1 week i guess


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                You Need more play


                Crit Mage 80v
                ~135k Br



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                  Hw do i hide a thread?


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                    archer without def n hp gems is screwed
                    S3 Worg Lair Europe
                    OFFICIALLY RETIRED


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                      Originally posted by AeonS3 View Post
                      archer without def n hp gems is screwed
                      That is true, however... without Patk Gem... archer is screwed even more.

                      And since it's a non-cash archer... you rarely get Socketing rods, it's actually better to save those rod for level 50 or 60 sets instead.

                      overall... non-cash archer is the weakest class in game, while cash archer dominates in WB. (even without constantly spending Balen or vouchers)