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Mages and the Level 70 MPs

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  • Mages and the Level 70 MPs

    Now this is a guide for the end game multiplayer dungeons, and as such, I'm going to skip over some of the basic mage strategy and building of your mage from the ground up. There are plenty of guides and walkthroughs for that and this doesn't need to turn into one of those!

    There are two basic groups for endgame MPs that I've tested.
    Knight, 2x Archer, Mage
    Knight, Archer, 2x Mage

    The first setup seems to be the most ideal. The 3rd boss on both 70mp dungeons has a similar effect to the death timer in the Necropolis. Basically if you take too long to kill them, they'll just rage and 1 shot your party. So even as the usual group healer, you'll have to find ways to add some dps to help. All the bosses are single target with out any spawns and the like. That means that the class that has the best single target dps (Archer) makes the ideal 4th party member to make the run overall easier. On my server on Kongregate, there just aren't enough high end archers to go around, so a fellow Mage and myself came up with a Mage Duo setup that has proven to work wonders and take some of the edge off the difficulty of the final bosses.

    Working Together!
    The Damn Mage Spec

    Click image for larger version

Name:	damnspec-3e76089.jpg
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    Simply put, this Mage has Damnation and full heals. This should be the main healer in the group, and should try to keep damn up as much as possible. The Talents go a long way in helping this mage rock out the mps. It helps your solo Archer keep the dps going, as well as your tank and other Mage to a lesser extent (unless your tank is also a beast in the attack department, then Damnation just helps you win all around.)

    Final Boss Skillbar: LB - Damnation - Sun (or Puri) - Resto - BL

    The DPS/Support Mage

    Click image for larger version

Name:	dpsspec-3e76085.jpg
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    Your backup Mage needs to be able to lay semi-constant damage while taking up slack where possible. It's mighty nice of you to pick up sun or puri (I prefer puri for the cheaper rage consumption) for the DPS/Support Mage, but either works. Outside of that role, you should be dropping Thunderer's and LB's till your blue in the face while being mindful of when you're gonna need to drop that supporting BL and saving rage for it prior.

    Skillbar: LB - Thunderer - Puri (or Sun) - Resto - BL

    Might come back and add in specific strategies for the bosses later, however if you know your Mage and your Mage buddy is decent, it should be easy to figure out =)

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    for the knight, mage, 2x archer group, last boss in Sama needs to be full heals/support. LB, puri, BL, resto, sunt on bar. group makeup; mage-64k br, knight-53k(dps with apollo), archer 1-64k, archer 2-50k. can handle things with few problems without Warriors Call. In Lych it gets a bit sketcher, can kill with same group without WC but takes a little more luck. Mage should run LB, Delphic Thunder Fury(i only have lvl 1), rof or meteoric, resto, BL. After the boss drops below the second bar, she will always hit with AOE and restore your rage to 100 with no CD's. try to heal as few as possible and delph as much as possible. It should be noted that Sama gives just about as much exp as Lych(within a few hundred) and both mage and archer 1 have pve set while archer 2 and knight have 55 pvp set.