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How is Block % calculated?

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  • How is Block % calculated?

    most of the sites say the same thing like 100pts approx = 3% block, some 100 pts = 1%. Then there are some that say there are diminishing returns, yet idk the extent to which this diminishing returns work. is there some kinda formula available to calculate the % of block and % of damage blocked? e.g. for 2.6k block rating what is the chances of getting a block and how much is blocked if a block occurs? people say its between 30-70% of damage blocked but is the amount of damaged blocked just random or is it dependent on the block rating? if so, how exactly is it operationalised? Also is there a cap for blocking (e.g. max chance that can be accumulated is 50% or something?). And is there a penalty to block % when fighting a boss or higher level players and if so what is the penalty (e.g. -5% block chance /level difference?). There's too many uncertainties as to how this block mechanic works and from what i gather apparently u never see when a block occurs, all you see is dodge and you dont know if the dodge is a block or was it from your dodge astro. Also what does dodge mean? does your hero completely evade an attack? how is dodge different from block? why not just use 1 term if they mean the same thing? As it stands now i am just blindly adding block points to my gear without knowing how exactly it works and whether the extra points im adding can be used to effectively increase other stats instead like adding more hp.

    Can we see more clearer tooltips for block or crit or other stats in the next update? for e.g. by mousing over block we can see an extended tooltip that calculates and shows us the chance for a block, and for defense the amount of damage reduced instead of just showing an ambiguous number like 10k pdef in which we don't even know if the proposed calculation of (atk-def)/2 is even accurate. Don't u guys think it will be much better to show how much your pdef reduces p.dmg and ur mdef reduces m.dmg before the effects of dmg reduction astros/meds/item bonuses are applied instead of looking at an ambiguous number that doesnt say much?
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    I was wondering how block works for a half year now, thumbs up for tooltip i rly want to see what is rate to block dmg...


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      when you reffer to dodge astral you probably mean illusion astral? If so yes in case it activates, you only receive 1 damage, emaning you basically are safe from losing HP when that happens. As for when you see dodge that is from your block not from the dodge astral.


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        Everything is pure speculation until 7Roads come out and provide a formula.

        Until then, believe in what you want to believe. They say having confidence is half the battle won.
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          when blocked, 75% of the inflicted damage only. or somewhere by that number.

          as for the chance, no one knows lol a big mystery. same goes for the crit chance


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            You clearly did not use the search feature of the forum:

            Key points for Patch 1.5, regarding block percentage rate in terms of block rating:
            * The block rating, in PvP, has been measured as being somewhere between 1% and 1.3% block per 100 block points.
            * There is no measurable trace of diminishing returns through 1600 block rating in PvP.