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Wartune Mount FAQ

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  • Wartune Mount FAQ

    Ok, if there's been a previous post about this have mercy on me for being a noob. I won't get angry at the mods if they come on here with a previous thread.

    First, I would like to start this thread by posting what I know already:

    1) as with anything else- click the little green question mark to figure out the basics of the mount.
    2) Using whips on your mount also advances the stable experience bar- leading to higher stable level which lets you get a better mount.
    3) Much like your character- you will want to increase your mount's experience to fit a general purpose. If you are creating an anti mage character- then you may want to cover the weak areas with your mount, because once guild battle, battle ground, or world boss comes around, chances are you got some general pitfalls with your character.

    Now- my guild had questions arise.

    1) what does the "max attribute level +5" do exactly? Does it boost the mount's total achievable level?

    Finally, thank you for paying attention to my thread. It's my sincerest hope that this thread grows and flourishes. Any input by a mod would be most appreciated and welcomed by me- the O.P.

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    In answer to your question;

    Each time you upgrade the mount, reaching the full XP bar required to gain +5 stats, that is a Level. This has a limit.
    Max Attribute level +5 will add +5 to that limit, so if it's at Max Level 20, and you get a new mount, then it will be Max Level 25

    if I remember correctly;
    Each Special mount = +5 to Max
    Each Stables level = +20 to Max.

    Exception being Therion Sand Rider with +10 to Max and Evil Unicorn possibly being +10 to max also.


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      Question: At what level is Mount available?


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        lvl 40. (you get the stable icon and a free white battle steed)


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          The Ice Fang and Grizley Bear have +10 to so i guess its become a change in the more new mounts.
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            it becomes available for use once you reach lvl 40.


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              Originally posted by subzero691 View Post
              it becomes available for use once you reach lvl 40.
              it will be with you all the time, like permanent
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                Can you get a mount card before level 40?


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                  Originally posted by Fuhh-Q View Post
                  Can you get a mount card before level 40?
                  You can collect them before 40 but you won't be able to ride them or let them add onto your stats until 40. The cards will sit in your inventory until you're ready.


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                    Cool, TY


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                      What's the mount strength stat?

                      I've never been able to figure that out.
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                        if u have more than 1 mount are stats stackable


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                          to answer iamop and killemall questions, 1: what mount strength is in essence the mounts "rarity" so to speak. it does NOT give you a boost to your stats or gives you any real combat bonuses, it is a culmination of the mount strength of all the mounts you have obtained i.e if you have 1 mount with +250 mount strength (royal battle steed) and another mount with +300 mount strength (wildfire steed) they stack with each other. it's only real use is for the mount titles you can get for having the strongest mount in your server or 1 of the top 10 players. in essence that title is a battle of wallets and credit cards lol.

                          now to Killemall6666 question. yes, if you have multiple mounts that give boosts to your stats they ALL stack. so if you have a mount that gives +50, another that gives +30 another that gives +15 another that gives +10 and another that gives +25 to all your stats they will all stack together for a whopping +130 to all your mount stats (+130 to armor, endurance, strength and intelligence plus their max attribute stats hlp you train your mount more since it raises the max you can raise a single stat). so it would be beneficial to hunt down as many mounts as you can and unlock them as you go for the BR boosts. hope this was helpful in clearin up some confusion lol