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[Solution] How to reduce lag/slow CPU.

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  • [Solution] How to reduce lag/slow CPU.

    Untill maintenance I could play normal for 15-20 minutes, but after the maintenance I could`t do a bounty quest, because of the massive lag I had. I found a solution that worked for me. First open task manager with ctrl+alt+del and look at your "plugin-container.exe" when you are logged in the game and see if his value is more than 300,000 K and CPU usage over 50+. If it is this is a temporary solution :
    1. Check your flash player version.
    2.Disable hardware acceleration in Firefox in "Advanced"(or Tools->Options) -> "General"
    3.Disable hardware acceleration in Flash by right clicking a flash element, clicking settings, and then unchecking "enable hardware acceleration"
    4.In about:config, search for dom.ipc and set all boolean values that appear to false. This will disable Firefox's plugin-container process for all plugins. (To do this open your mozzila firefox and type in the search bar about:config then press enter and search for "dom.ipc".

    This is not my "guide" for more if you need check :