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Hope you can help me.

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  • Hope you can help me.

    Hi. I just need help on something. Where I can buy Ultimate Game Card or UGC? Also I'm from Philippines. Please help me and how much would it cost me. Thanks

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    you can buy UGC cuz UGC mean Ultimate Game Card
    it cost you for 20$ or 15$ or 10$ or 5$ whatevere you choose


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      same problem... look for netopia or some load stations that sell cards and gaming cards... but most of netopia not sell them and most all loading stations or load central dont sell them... by the if you don't have a choice use western union

      but the answer to your question: netopia and some loading stations i hope you find 1 that sell it


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        personally im not sure how you can buy them.
        For my country there are some online payment options aswell to gain a UGC online.

        I believe there are also stores that sell those cards. in anycase your best bet would be to ask UGC this question. they probebly have a list with resellers or maybe even a payment methode themself you can use.

        On this website: There is a tab with "Find a Store" and "Buy Online" you can use those.