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[Guide] How to make a good archer

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  • [Guide] How to make a good archer

    Hi guys. I'm writing this guide because I see so many people doing there archer wrong.
    Yes many people say that you need cash to play an archer but that simply is not true

    #1 Astrals

    For you level 20 astrals I strongly recommend getting the Force (Patk) and the Fortitude (pdef)
    This will give you more damage and make your archer a little more survivable

    For the next slot unlocked at level 30 I recommend getting a Willpower astral (mdef)
    This will again make you archer more survivable

    For level 40 you should get a snipers edge astral (crit)
    Archers survive on Criticals. they gain extra rage from it and run the world boss with it

    For level 50 get the determination astral (base crit damage increase)
    This will make the WB a better experience because you will do more damage when you crit.

    Level 60 astral should be Goddess Blessing (reduce damage by X%)
    this will again make your archer more survivable

    For level 70 you can go one of two ways you can with a brilliance astral (HP) or a charm astral (Charisma)
    If you go with brilliance you will get more hp to be more survivable and if you go with charm you will have more defense in battle as your troop count will be increased

    For your final slot at level 80 choose the other astral you passed up on at 70
    if you chose charm choose brilliance and vice versa.

    #2 Gems

    Everyone loves gems. A girls best friend and with this they can be your best friend

    For an archer you should always but patk gems in everything. since most things have 1 slot go with Patk gems.
    For the bow since it has 2 go with patk and a defense gem.

    When you get the level 55 Pvp gear use your socketing rods you get from the beginning and open those sockets.
    The gem arrangement should go as followed:
    Patk, Pdef, And Mdef.

    #3 Guilds

    Now when you get an opportunity to join a good guild take it. preferably it be the #1 guild on the server. that way you get loads of honor and insignia
    The more honor you get the faster you rank. the better rank you have the better medallion you can get and medallions give significant stat boost

    The number 1 guild will also tend to have a better skill tower and shop. skill tower will boost your stats and the shop will provide you with potions and luck stones

    #4 Gear

    Now if you get in a good guild you can get loads of insignia and buy the pvp armor
    the pvp armor gives you a good boost to everything. the level 45 gear gives you the following benefits:
    2 pieces: Endurance+100 More endurance, means more health
    3 pieces: Initial rage +30. Start with more rage always good
    4 pieces: Ignore enemy pdef value by 1500. lets you do more damage to your opponents

    The pvp armor is only temporary while you are saving for the PVE gear. The PvE gear will help immensely with higher multiplayer dungeons.
    The PvE gear gives you the following benefits:

    2 pieces: damage dealt +200. self explanatory
    4 pieces: gives 10 extra rage after each action. generates immense amount of rage which is need for demon temple (65Mpd)

    You should always try to get the PvE ASAP. it will help in more ways than you think

    #5 For Cashers only

    Now if you want to spend cash this section is for you guys. The best way to spend cash is to get vip.
    Vip gives you immense benefits just click on the vip button to see yourself

    Also invest in spirit covenant. combine it with VIP and you wont have to pay vouchers or Balens for anything exepct WB

    A massive stat booster is wings. they cost 1995 balens but are well worth it. also invest in clothes. clothes give you extra rage they are 395 a piece

    Mounts can also be bought in the shop they also give stat boost but cant be used until level 40.

    Well that's all. I know I missed stuff but I hope this guide helps you archers to get to #1
    "You're the darkest burning star, You're my perfect disease"