hi guys,
i just wanna share about my mage's doing in s294 ruined lagoon. this is my 1st guide, and i hope everyone can support by fixing and correcting mistakes here and there

i saw mages guide before on http://http://forum.r2games.com/show...healing-mages! and that's the nice build, but i just wanna add some more.

here i just wanna add about making builds, as a non-casher, and light-mid casher

also world boss strategy using astrals, so here we go.



as for non cash mage, u can go with this build

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this skill build gives u still decent AoE damage, no need to cash out, and still gives u good amount of healings, though less powerfull than 2 skill set user. but the good things from this, i can assure you to get the blessed light just when you reach level 40, which makes u a very useful mage in void-nightmare multiplayer dungeons.


as for a cash mage, 2nd skill set is highly recommended before you buy another things. so you can max both your healing ability and also your AoE damage nuke.

here's my skill build for 2 set skill mage.

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the good thing from this builds are, you can get both 134% matk damage from RoF, and also 136% + 30% chance to deal 300 damage from meteoric destroyer as soon as you can get them, and this makes an edge in your battle. but, this build is only for a quick battle, means in arena or bg where u wanna finish your enemies as soon as possible.

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this build's priority is to make ur team survive longer in battle, no matter if you cant do decent damage at all. i can assure you, with decent planning, you can get Blessed Light up to level 2, just when you reach lv 50 as the minimum requirements. this builds really helps making u last longer in cata with standard equipments.

Astrals for WB strategies

we all know that archer is the best burst DPS for the WB, but mages can also compete with the right sets of astrals. just making you top 10 or more if you can spend vouchers to boost and balens to revive.

here's my astral's build

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Mysticality : no doubt
Fortitude : use it 90% of the time, only taken off at wb
Willpower : use it always, i never want to lose this.
Enhanced will destroyer : i just took them off at wb, the rest, its still good.
Refined Goddess Blessing : i use them to make my mage harder and swaps them with the will destroyer, which can make you more tougher. useful in bosses.
Sniper's Edge & Determination : both of these are the key if you wanna success at world boss event which will give you more and more gold and daru.

clothings for light-mid cashers

here i wanna explain about how you do get your required rage to cast your skills at an important phase of PvP such as arena, and battlegrounds (assuming you have 3 units of enemies)

pvp set (35,45,...)

you will get 30 initial rage when you're completing 3 pieces of these pvp sets. in order to execute your important skills such as meteor and RoF at 2nd turn, you will need AT LEAST 35 initial rage by buying minimum 1 lv1 clothing. the calculation is simple.

35(initial rage)-16(rain of fire)+12(from lv2 heart elemental, RoF does 2 damage to each enemy, which makes u get 12 rage if u have 3 enemies)=31(enough for casting meteoric destroyer) and this can be done by either using either meteor 1st or RoF 1st.

PvE set (20,30,40,...)

you can get 10 rage extra for any actions you did, which also means by using runes. i suggest here you use minimum 15 starting rage(which means 3 lv 1 clothings). i will give you my calculations here.

15(initial rage)+10(casting runes)=25-16(casting RoF)=9+12(lv2 heart elemental)+10(rage bonus)=31. and you can cast the meteoric destroyer now.

this can be done only if you're using rune first then use RoF. except when castinator procs right at the start of battle.

i think this is all i can let you guys know about.. any suggestions and critics will be appreciated.