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  • Scam!

    What is this **** about you not being able to process refunds? DO NOT buy into this game on this server at all...they ripped me off. I'm sure I am not the only one. They give some line of ******** about an inability to refund money they illegally take by not being the real server. R2 games is a scam!

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    What are you on about? You mean refund on Balens?
    Most games don't give refunds for buying in-game cash shop's not really a surprise. You'd actually be lucky if you found a game company that did give refunds.

    But if something happened during the payment process and it charged you double or something, you should really send in a ticket to get it sorted out.
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        Can you explain what happened?
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          This is not the real wartune site...they scammed's in the hands of their so called service but I will be having my dad call them tomorrow and sort their *ribbit* out...I will also complain to my Visa and get their merchant account removed. SCAMMERS.....
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            So your information got phished by another website? I'm not sure, did you pay for the Balens ingame on Wartune? as it worked for me as i've bought them too.
            If you make a ticket to the support team, include the website where you bought the balens from as it's been perfectly fine for me and my friends.

            You didn't give your information to any other website other than ?
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     is where you could of paid for stuff, correct?
              Are you sure you pressed the right server and all?
              ♥ Shermie ♥


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                lol a lot of money user on this game and only u complaint about that it was ur fault r2games dont scam for money and they have a lot of people who is paying for them do u think gonna scam only u?


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                  im scammed i lost my 80 g


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                    Originally posted by batu885 View Post
                    im scammed i lost my 80 g
                    This made me lol
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                      wth, he got scammed by who then?
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                        Sounds like he got had by a dupe/phishing website.

                        That or he's suddenly having second thoughts about his purchase and wants to complain to someone.


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                          Originally posted by batu885 View Post
                          im scammed i lost my 80 g
                          Ouch >_< 80g that's alot
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                            Or, he made a purchase on this version when he meant to buy for the another version, or vice versa.

                            Either way, this is an issue that would need to be resolved via tickets, and since the original poster hasn't made a comment in a couple days, I'm closing this.
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