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Archer world boss guide

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  • Archer world boss guide

    Hi there i am going to try to give u a good and easy to use world boss guide for the archer class.

    As we all know the archer is THE class to have as it comes to do the world boss due to the massive damage output.

    The world boss event will become available for everyone above level 20
    The times and bosses are:

    11:00 - 12:00: Blood Fang
    16:00 - 17:00: Ragnoch
    22:00 - 23:00: Redoga Drake

    The boss can be joined and killed manually or u can stand-in for balens.

    The rewards at the world boss are gold and daru. Two very important resources.
    The more damage u do, the more gold and daru u will receive.
    The extra bonuses:

    1% of world boss = 50k gold and 50k daru

    3rd place = 150k gold and 150k daru
    2nd place = 200k gold and 200k daru
    1st place = 250k gold and 200k daru

    I am going to split up this guide for the PVP archer and the PVE archer because the rage gain for an PVE archer is much more thus these will use a other combo.

    Although there is a difference between PVP and PVE the stats/astrals/gems/troops remain the “same” except for the availability due to level differences.

    In the beginning u need to work on a for u good obtainable damage as u are not able to go the full 5 rounds, so a mixture of def/hp and damage is needed.
    Once u become stronger and able to do all rounds switch your troops to the back and see if u can tank it yourself.
    --Putting the troops to the back will generate a higher damage output.--
    Once u can easily tank the boss u can focus on maximum damage.


    Passive attack/strength
    Charisma (although this doesn’t help that much)

    These will needed to make the most damage but also keep in mind u will need to survive the boss for 5 round till it does his fatal last strike. So hp, pdef and mdef are also important to survive the boss.


    Passive attack

    HP and the both defense astrals are in fact not needed at later times. At that point the boss only kills with his final blow.
    At this point u can try some different things.

    Flooting damage

    To understand these astrals and there working I would like to ask u to go to the astral guided on the forums.

    So in all times u want to do as much as damage. In the beginning u die fast and u want to do as much as damage as possible but there is a time u need to choose, do I last all round or die earlier and do max damage.
    At this time it’s for u to decide what is best. Try and see.
    At the end just do as much as damage as u can.


    Passive attack

    These are the only ones u actually need to do the damage but once again u need to last till the final blow. So choose wisely.


    This is an optional gem to put in but in increases the damage just a little.
    So its your choice to go for it or not.


    All troops will do. It doesn’t matter what u take, only thing u need to watch out for is that u take the passive attack conversion enlightenment on the magic attack troops in order to help your character.

    At first u need to have your troops in front of u so u can at least last 3 round.
    As soon as u can switch your troops in front of u to do more damage.

    Now to talk about the different gear as in PVP and PVP.

    PVE sets are in my opinion the sets to go because they gain more rage and thus do better damage with better skils.
    Only thing is that the PVE sets are harder to get thus at least in the begging not available.

    Now to discuss the PVP set:
    These sets give not the advantage of rage that the PVE do give but we can still do enough damage to satisfy your needs.
    Using these skills:

    Arrow strike
    Multi arrow

    Now I got to excuse myself as I am an older player with PVE so I forgot allot from my PVP set times but the key is to chain attack.

    Chain attacking is an auto attack directly followed with a skill attack.
    An auto attack is when u do nothing it will still do an attack and that is an auto attack.
    Now if your char does an auto attack and u follow that by directly, by for example an arrow strike then u will do 2 attacks in 1 turn.
    The key with PVP is to get enough rage to do an Delphic attack at the end.
    If I am still right this chain will get u there:

    Arrow – boss attacks – auto – multi - boss attacks – auto – arrow - boss attacks – auto – arrow – boss attack – Delphic – final boss attack

    Now I would like to ask me any PVP user to fill me in on this chain, if I forgot a turn or if u don’t get enough rage for the Delphic. Please PM me.

    With PVE its of course also key to chain attack to do more damage but with the chain u can play a little. PVE makes enough rage to use more/other rage draining attacks.
    Im using these two chains.

    Delph chain:

    Multi – boss attack – auto – arrow – boss attack - auto – multi – boss attack – auto – arrow – boss attack – Delphic – final boss attack

    Try to do as much a multi’s though.

    Armor piercer:

    AP – auto – arrow – boss attack – auto – AP - boss attack – auto – arrow - boss attack – auto – AP - boss attack – Delphic – final boss attack

    There is also a double Delphic chain but im not familiar with that so if anyone has the chain please pm me

    As this is just a guide feel free to play around with the chains. Also due to lag some chains won’t work as they should.

    This concludes my guide for the archer world boss.

    Any questions can be asked and tips and info are very welcome.
    if you or anyone has further questions please feel free to PM me or any other moderator.

    Kind regards Liquid_oxygen

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    then click on support