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[Guide] Sylph System

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  • [Guide] Sylph System

    Sylph System

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    Sylphs are a unique new way to add power, depth, and intrigue to battles! Do not let a sylph’s appearance fool you; these stunning creatures hold a depth of power not to be trifled with.
    Players level 50 and above can capture and own a sylph. Sylphs can be found in the Sylph Atoll of Cloud City. In order to own a sylph, players must first capture sylph essence in the Sylph Atoll and then exchange the essence for a sylph at one of the Sylph Exchanges/Shops.

    Sylphs are profoundly useful in combat and have two main characteristics: follow and awaken.
    • Follow: Similar to soldiers, sylphs will follow characters around and into battle. However, unlike soldiers they will not hold a stance in battle during this phase and will only use their skills ever few rounds.
    • Awaken: Sylphs who have been awakened will merge with their masters not only changing appearance but dramatically changing the combat. In order for a sylph to be awakened, players will have to have enough Awakening points to summon the sylph to battle. Awakening points can be gained during battle.

    Cultivating Sylphs
    Cultivation is another important aspect in regards to sylphs. The more time you spend cultivating your sylph the more powerful it will become.
    • EXP: Active sylphs can gain EXP through battle and by engulfing other sylphs. Inactive sylphs can also be cultivated in the Farm to gain EXP.
    • Attributes: Sylph attribute limits will increase over time and as the sylph levels up. Attribute points can be manually assigned to various stats.
    • Growth: The Quality and Growth of a sylph can be increased by consuming Mahra.
    • Enchanting: Further improve a sylph’s attribute growth by consuming Sepulcrum which can be obtained by sacrificing sylphs.
    • Skills: As a sylph grows stronger it will be able to learn more powerful skills to use during when awakened.

    Note: Sylphs can also be used to guard your Farm.


    Sylph quality can now be upgraded, increasing sylph stats and growth capability. Players may use Mahra and/or Balens to upgrade their sylphs. With each upgrade Blessing will increase by a certain amount. Once the Blessing bar is full, the sylph will upgrade to the next quality. Sylphs may be upgraded using either normal upgrade or advanced upgrade. Upgrading via either method will have a chance to receive a Sylph’s Blessing which can yield up to 5 times the amount of blessing received.

    Sylph Skills

    Sylph Skills unlock at level 55. Each Sylph can know a maximum of eight skills at a time. Skill scrolls can be purchased in the Shop or via the sylph skill panel. Sylph skills are attuned to the type and quality of sylph learning with both active and passive skills available to learn.