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Knight problem

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  • Knight problem

    hello every one
    my eng is so bad so try to help me if u can
    i have knight lvl 38 on s52 new server

    i have a knight geared with pvp ful set ( sword, head, neck, chest )
    2 ring blue
    2 ring vip orange

    orange lvl 3 for 9% dmg reduction
    blue dunno wich lvl for 400ad or something
    purple dunno wich lvl for 1500 hp

    well i have multiple questions to make

    1 when cript is done, pvp duels is done, group quest is done, and stamina is down, we cant exp?
    2 crit vale .... i dont have the % of crit, someone can tel me on this server what is the rate? for exemple if i have 500 crit what it mean? i crit + 50% dmg + 500 or i crit only for more 500 dmg? and where is my crit chance? is 1 x 5? im confused here because that crit is not clear for new players
    3 block, evade .... same of crit this is the ammount of dmg u can block/evade but where is the chance? every server is a single rule? or its same for all servers?
    4 vs archer/knight is good pdef vs mage mdef right? how i can win vs archer who crit always? i cant make his dmg and i cant tank is dmg, same from mage, they have hot heal, and kikkass burst... tech me
    5 do u have suggest for wich astral ( plz tel me what they make not the name because i have to translate it ) is better for knight in cript wich 1 is better for boss, and wich 1 is better for pvp, of corse depeds of opponents, but for exemple if i build gear and astral vs pdef i can fight only vs archer /knight no?
    6 astral *** here im totaly 0 i rally dont know what i have to use
    7 dru i can spent them only on troops? why i have to up stats to get up troops? more trops = more tank so i can make more skils? or they are better with dps? why i have to go up with troops?
    8 for knight what is the best troup to have? now i have griphons at lvl 37 i have to spent money in wich troops?

    wich caind of knight is good to play? i play alot of time like 7/24 and i rally dont know if go tank or dps, can u tel me wich caind of knight is good to play?
    crit knight?
    tank knight?
    or what?

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    blitz action give us same exp same drop if i make it normal?


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      1. bounty quest, tower of kings and spire give another boost on exp
      2. for every 100 it gives... cant remember you need to search it around the forum XD
      3. same calculation with critical
      4. it depends on to what extend you build you knight and how good you play it, some say balen hard with no skill = useless, some say skills good with no balen power = useless. one thing for sure is knight can kill archer and mage (for me at least i can)
      5. for your lvl i would suggest patk, pdef, mdef, when you unlock more slot on astral use goddess blessings (orange one)
      6. astral only boost your status, cant be used in battle if thats what you meant...
      7. yes daru is for troop upgrading, better troop = better dmg and tanking troops, also the skill it gaves (enlightment) for boosting your hero power more...
      8. i used knight after gryphon, never get a chance to use angel... and then templars after, so i dont know which best

      blitzing in cata give the same exps, dunno about the solo dungeon tho...

      as for your last questions... it depends on how you wanna play it i think,
      some say knight are meant to tank, so live with it,
      some say knight with crit is owning...
      try to look around the forum... cause there are lots of argument about it ^^
      R2 S230 - Cross Chasm Veronica Knight 64 Lord Divine 73797/82128 Pirates


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        why not having both crit while tanking, level patck, crit astral as you can and crit chances.i used MAJO AEGIS! dont know whic is tough with goddes bless. level more pdef,patck,mdef and hp on your academy and GUILD skills to keep the builds balance(other Gskills adds you stat though its not your basic,but still asap).2 high level crit gems is enough to get 1k above crit(its up to you if you add more)gems hp/patck/pdef.MEDALS gives more HP always have one. but you really need to cash more on not sure but does really knigths do perfect block to heal?i think not much,thats why i dont bother blocks since you can still block with a lowest number to block and heal with max passive.idk lol.

        and as people say knights shine on lvl 50-60. still your a long way to walk...