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What gear to use for mage?

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  • What gear to use for mage?

    Hi, I am a level 45 mage on Kabam server 28-USWest. I currently am running the level 45 set, and am saving up for the level 40 set. I have a Bender Staff right now. 27 level 3 crystalloids right now. Should I get the level 45 PvP gear? I already have 645 insignia, but it takes forever to get enough insignia because I can't play on arena time. Should I just keep doing MP Void or actually get the PvP set?

    Additional info:

    Level 45 mage
    Guild: SINNERS
    Battle Rating: approx. 13K w/o Blessing
    HP: 10K
    MATK: 4.8K
    PATK: 133
    MDEF: 2K
    PDEF: 1.2K
    Block: 123
    Crit: 751

    Gear: Level 35 Soulmaster set, 2 Heiro Rings, Erebus' curse set, all socketed and enchanted
    Astros: Refined Mysticality lvl 2, Refined Sniper's Edge lvl 3, Refined Goddess' Blessing lvl 3, Blessed Health i think (either refined or enhanced)
    Troop: Level 30 Knights
    Mount: +45 intellect, +30 stamina, +30 armor

    I'm also currently having a hard time with the level 42-44 campaign, and against my level of players, i'm really squishy.

    Thanks for the help
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    do void and level up slow ur br is pretty weak for ur level


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      Get red astrals, go for leg 40 or pvp 35, get lvl 40 rings and jewls, full guild skills, get mounts, full academy, use highest lvl gems, upgrade troops to lvl 41, and use gold will destroyer.
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        Got Soulmaster Robe, BR is now approx. 13K

        Above post:
        Dont have muney
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          Updated again:
          Got Soulmaster Staff, have entire set now, also have Bender Staff.

          Still need help on whether to get the PvP set or the PvE set. What level too.
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            If your insignias income is low then I recommend you to save for 50 PvE legendary set. Even if you slow camp at 40s and get you 40 PvE it will be not that good when you reach 55+, while 50 PvE can last even at 70+ lvl. PvE set is a must have for a mage to be good for high lvl mpds.
            However you might get lvl 55 PvP set first - it will help you farm for 50 PvE.

            And last note : your BR is really low for lvl 45. Go camping and raise it with gems, astrals, guild skills etc.
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            Class: Mage.


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              hi sir, i have 45 lvl gear frm arena shop. 40 lvl rings, jewels frm catacombs. iam at lvl 48, knights at lvl 45,with BR 20k.
              duel ranking around 80.
              In academy important ones upgraded to 20- 40 lvls, iam working to upgrade all options to my current level.

              to maintain/ improve my ranking, what is the best thing to do ?
              1. to buy 55 level gear from arena, 50 lvl jewls, rings from catacombs --- seems easy to me. i have to wait till 55 level to use gear.
              2. buy 40 lvl gear from catacombs, making them legendary items. it looks very big task, consuming all insignia and cryptokens.

              ?? i want to know level 40 legendary items better than lvl 55 gear from arena and 50 lvl jewls from catacombs ??

              plz help me. i synthesized lvl 40 legendary staff and sold it without much thought. now should i synthesize again if is better. feeling confused.



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                get 55 stuff and u can do moon until u get 60 gear. It may be the hard way, but probably the easiest path for now. Once you have 60 set, do moon nm for legend stuff. If you can actually find someone to get you through Moon NM do that as early and often as possible with DT NM farms along the way with all your skeleton keys. Get Legend 60 set...u can skip the legend rings/ jewels and get lvl 70 jewels/rings. Probably save u tons of crypt tokens in the long run.
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