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[FAQ] Amethyst Mine

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  • [FAQ] Amethyst Mine

    1. What is the Amethyst mine?
    The Amethyst Mine is a PvP collection battleground that unlocks at level 25 and is open all day. Players may choose to enter during the daily event time from 21:00-21:30 for a double drop rate. Collected Amethyst can be used to exchange for various rewards.

    2. How does the mine work?
    Players enter the Amethyst Mine via the teleport in Cloud City. Once inside the mine, there will be an NPC from which minecarts can be received. Players must take a minecart in order to be able to collect Amethyst from the mine and/or plundering other players. Daily Amethyst Mine attempts reset at 5:00 A.M. Minecarts must be returned to a drop-off NPC for Amethyst to be collected. Collected Amethyst may be used to exchange for items from the Amethyst Exchange up to two times a day.

    3. Why couldn’t I see my friends of guild members?
    Each Amethyst Mine can accommodate a maximum of 500 players, after which the next 500 players will be sent to a separate Amethyst Mine. In addition, players can only see up to 30 people on their screen at any given time.

    4. How much Amethyst can I collect each time?
    Players may collect Amethyst from the mine 5 times to get up to 100 Amethyst. However, players may also plunder other players to claim up to 200 Amethyst.

    5. Why didn’t I receive any Amethyst after I plundered someone else?
    In order to receive Amethyst from plundering, certain conditions must be met:
    • Plunderers must have less than 200 Amethyst to be able to collect while plundered players must have more than 60 Amethyst to be plundered from.
    • The plunderer must have a minecart in order to collect Amethyst.
    • Amethyst goes to the winner of the battle whether that happens to be the plunderer or plundered player.

    6. What happens to the Amethyst in my minecart if I leave the Amethyst Mine?
    Minecart contents will be affected in the following ways:
    • If a player leaves the mine, disconnects, or goes offline minecart contents will be retained.
    • Daily reset is at 5:00 A.M. offline players’ minecarts will be reset during this time.

    7. Will the Amethyst I have already received be reset?
    No, Amethyst will not be reset. Amount of Amethyst owned can be checked via the Amethyst Exchange.

    8. Can I still receive double rewards if I take a minecart during the event time but return after the event period is over?
    No, minecarts must be taken and returned during the event time in order for double rewards to be received. Otherwise, normal rewards will be given.

    9. I failed to collect?
    Failure to collect occurs when the upper Amethyst limit has been reached.

    10. Why am I receiving a “failed to receive minecart” notification?
    There are two reasons this may be happening either daily attempts have been reached or there is already an active minecart.

    11. Why am I receiving a “failed to return minecart” notification?
    There are three reasons this may happen: daily attempts have been reached, there is no active minecart, or there is no Amethyst in the minecart to return.

    12. Why am I so much slower after collecting Amethyst?
    Movement speed will decrease by 20% after collection. Amethyst is heavy!

    13. How much Amethyst can be received from plundering?
    • Unless collected Amethyst is less than 60, plundered players will lose 5% +10 of their Amethyst to the plunderer.
    • Players may plunder others until they have accumulated 200 Amethyst. Players with less than 60 Amethyst will not yield Amethyst to a plunderer after defeat.
    • The plunderer and the plundered player can both lose or win Amethyst according to the result of the battle.
    • Upon reaching either the upper or lower collection limits, players can continue to attack and be attacked. However, upper limit players will not receive Amethyst and lower limit players will not lose Amethyst.

    14. Why can’t I select or fight another player?
    Players already in battle cannot be selected. Once a battle has finished, the defeated player will receive protection for 8 seconds.

    15. Can friends or guild members be plundered?
    All players may be plundered in the Amethyst Mine!

    16. How do I plunder other players?
    Plundering is very simple; players just have to click their desired target to begin plundering.

    17. Why can’t I find Amethyst in my inventory?
    Amethyst is similar to Kyanite in that it won’t be shown in the inventory but can be viewed via the Amethyst Exchange.