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Gold Rush Explaination Video.

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  • Gold Rush Explaination Video.

    Hey Guys. If your Tired of Being Attacked in the Gold Rush Event. Please Watch the Video and See Why Players Do this.

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    Nice thanks good watch.

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      We know why you do it.

      It just sucks that you pick on small people who don't have a fighting chance.

      And then brush it off as inconsequential.

      Also did you really need to start a second thread about this?
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      Behind every fat Space Slug is a blood thirsty sociopath urging it on.


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        It's sucks they disabled guild titles. Makes literally no sense. It also sucks that low people don't have a good chance. Sucks I have to do the Amethyst Mine before/After the double event cause people be attacking me non-stop getting my amethyst. I don't mind at all losing at times but repeated over and over is just lame and noobish.

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          you say you can only get amethyst from people who actually have more than 100 amethyst in their carts.
          It's actually more than 60.
          And dafuq don't you know your own guildies? : ))) Well .. maybe it will come with time ^^ Eventually when your server gets older you'll know everyone on the server and it gets hard to find someone to bully :/

          PS: make yourself an alt so you don't have to bully the people you play with every day. That is if you don't want to bully them
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            oh now i know no wonder its 100/200, thank you


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              Why I cant watch it

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