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Lvl2 wing + cores how that goes?

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  • Lvl2 wing + cores how that goes?

    Hello all!

    I have lvl2 wings and 7 cores and i didnt find anywhere if i possible to make lvl3 wings and how good success rate it is?

    So will anyone help me out here?

    I have only 2 cores atm and 51 shards so i can try lvl2+ 2 cores etc. depends what youll suggest here?

    Also lvl3 cloth+ x core how well can there go if i try?

  • #2
    You take a chance using cores
    The safest way is to use 2 lvl 2 wings and good luck charms (not sure if you need 5 or 10 good luck charms)
    Same thing with clothes. Using cores can be risky.
    Death comes when you hear the Banshee.....


    • #3
      I know its risky lol you lose cores and gold i have both i wanna know what is best using 1 core 2 3 4 5 with 1 try and how that affect % of success?

      Like 1 core 10% 2 cores 25% 3 cores 33% i made those numbers up


      • #4
        i just use core on a lvl 3 fashions
        -West Coast S115


        • #5
          2 wings + 2wings + 5 charms = lvl 3 wings and no u cant only use 1 or 2 or ... 4 cores on wing synthesis. the number is always 5 , and it works for lvl 1-2 wings


          • #6
            Wing Level 1 (1995) + Fashion Core (395 x 5) = (3970) Level 2 Wing

            Wing Level 2 (3970) + Wing Level 2 (3970) + Good Luck Charm (395 x2) = (8,730) Wing Level 3

            Wing Level 3 (8730) + Wing Level 3 (8730) + Good Luck Charm (395 x3) = (18,645) Wing Level 4


            • #7
              I know how it works if you use wings +wings i found that.

              So all saying wings+cores cant be done after you have wings lvl2.

              Ok thx i guess ill need to wait almost half year for next free wings