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  • Sylph Guide

    this guide is still a draft..

    i will be getting most information here

    for now i will just write some stuff not found there or needs clarification

    Growth - this stat refers to the automatic stats added to the sylph. Some say that when your sylph reaches level 80, it will be your sylph stats without the 5 points manually assigned per level.

    Stat - Int, Endurance, Armor, Str
    Stat Aptitude - Int Apt, Endurance Apt, Armor Apt, Str Apt
    Both of which are used on
    PATK = .0018 * Str * Str Apt
    PDEF = .0009 * (Armor * Armor Apt + Str * Str Apt)
    MATK = .0018 * Int * Int Apt
    MDEF = .0009 * (Armor * Armor Apt + Int * Int Apt)
    HP = .0060 * Endurance * Endurance Apt + Base Hp of sylph

    Sylph Upgrading (mahra)
    -increases Growth, which affect STAT of sylph
    -increases current Stat Aptitude
    -increases max Stat Aptitude
    -the increased amount is not yet recorded but same star (1 to 5 stars), same color (white, green, blue, purple, orange), same class (Apollo, Iris, Pan) sylphs have the same Growth and Max Stat Aptitude


    Sylph Enchanting (Sylph Sepulcrum)
    - 1 sepulcrum adds 1 Stat Apt
    - it will be randomly assigned to either Int Apt, Str Apt, Armor Apt or Endurance Apt as long as the current Stat Apt does not reach the max Stat Apt

    Sylph and your character
    -The current equipped sylph Hp will be added to your hero HP (this is not affected by hp boosts from skills/wings)
    -During Awaken form, the Sylph uses the same stats of your character plus an additional ATK,MDEF,PDEF depending on the sylph's ATK,MDEF,PDEF
    *ATK - matk or patk, whichever is higher

    Sylph Skills

    default sylph skills for Pan

    not awakened
    Wind protection (passive) : increase player HP by 5%
    Whistling blow : 300% +100 physical wind damage to a front row single target. Damage ignore defense and cannot be dodged
    Cyclone : 280% + 125 physical wind damage to back row. Damage ignore defense and cannot be dodged

    Wind grace : cool down 30 sec. 145% + 200 physical wind damage to 2-4 ennemis . Ennemy defense reduced 50 pts for 3 rounds.
    Delphic Apocalyptic hurricane : cool down 45 sec. 314 % + 350 physical damage to all ennemies
    Gust strike : cooldown 1 sec. 136% + 180 physical damage to a single front row target

    default sylph skills for Iris

    not awakened
    Water restoration (passive) : Increase player MDEF/PDEF by 3%
    Borealis danse : 300% + 100 magic water damage to single front row. Damage ignore defense and cannot be dodged
    Icicles storm : 190% + 80 water damage to all ennemies. Damage ignore defense and cannot be dodged

    awakened (when you transform)
    Warm spring : Heal 85% + 300 magic damage to teammate with lower HP ... i know it says it damage team mate but heh ... that's what i read lol
    Deluge strike : Deal 165 % +180 magic water damage to a single target
    Delphic - Acheron wave : 280 % + 350 magic damage to all ennemies

    default sylph skills for Gaia

    not awakened
    Lightning's Roar: Increases player's PATK and MATK by 5% when active
    Shock: 300% + 100 magic electric damage to a single front row target. Damage ignores defenses and cannot be dodged
    Chain Lightning: 200% + 80 magic electric damage to 1-2 enemies. Damage ignores defenses and cannot be dodged

    Thundering Strike: 165% + 120 magic electric damage to a single front row target.
    Short Circuit: 185% + 200 magic electric damage to a single target. 2 enemies in the same column and row (main target will be hit if there is 0 or 1 other target in the same row/column) will be damaged by 185% magic electric damage.
    Thunder Wave: 470% + 515 magic electric damage to a single enemy

    Non-awakened skills cannot be replaced. Awakaned skills can be bought at Shop. Default skills are available even for level 1 sylphs. Bought skills can be used at lvl 55 sylph.

    Active Awakened skills:
    When you try to learn a new skill, it will randomly replace a skill you already have. To prevent this from happening, check the New Slot box for 300 balens. It will create a new box and put the skill you are trying learn there. You can buy 2 more slots for a total of 5 skills. Once you have 5 learned, and trying to learn a new one, you will have to replace 1. The replaced skills will be chosen randomly. So think about the 5 skills you will be planning to have on your sylph before buying.

    Passive Awakened skills:
    These passives only work during Awaken form. You can buy them in the shop and add to your sylph if you open slots for passive skills, for 300 balens per slot also.
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    That be my guide seeing as they stole almost all the information from my site.

    I have been way to busy to updated it lately. Will get around to it in a week or so.
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    - Very helpful site for new players