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Couple of questions

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  • Couple of questions

    What's the best mage World Boss attack rotation?

    What's the best astrals for the mage, for both world boss & the catacombs?

    Is been a crit mage worth it?

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    Due to lags, I just afk on lightning bolt and Thunderer. Astrals for mage for wb and cata... They are pretty similar to normal use, just with the difference that you have to maximize your dmg output. And cata... I use just my normal astrals and I am fine with it

    And crit mage... It depends. It is good on one side, bad on another.


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      since im lazy, i afk wb. i use bolt, rof and thunderer tho for skills. Might help a bit if you get lazy too some day:P
      For wb crit is better, it generally gives more gold. however you need atleast orange crit astrals otherwise it isn't worth it.
      Catacombs, depends on your play style, both crit and wil destroyer do well i believe.

      Crit mage can be good, also depends on the sylphs you want to use later on. For crit you have to sacrifice a defensive astral (HP would be my choice to lose). But a good crit mage, requires a lot of crit from either refinement, astrals or gems. Which all means you have to sacrifice defensive stats


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        Crit mage is good only for high level am guessing crit is good for wb too so if u wanna go its worth it but i do afk with bolt ,rof , and thunderer