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newbe question (wings or x2 skill)

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  • newbe question (wings or x2 skill)

    1 - what is better to do first? buy wings or activate double skill (DS)??
    how bigger will be my damages with DS? For exmpl if I did 1000 dmg to some one, how much I can do with DS?

    2 - what is stronger/better legendary set(4 pcs. armor, bow...) 30,40,50...lvl or set from arena shop 35,45,55...lvl correspondingly?

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    I would by wings to boost ur br, ds not worth getting yet if u dont have wings. Of course legend set always better just harder to get of course. So if u have time and money get legend set if not just get ur pvp set.


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      1: kinda depends on your class, level and dungeons you run and what party you run with to buy double skill. With wings you can never go wrong tho. Buy double skills if you need it not because it might be useful. If you don't need it you can go for wings.

      2: the pvp (arena shop) set goes up to lv 55, while the pve (crystaloids) set goes up to 70 and soon lv 80. In the end pve set is better, however personally i think pvp is more useful at lower levels. It also depends on your class if you need pve i guess.
      A legend 50 set is better and stronger than 55 pve set. Unless you want to stay low level don't really bother with lv 30 and 40 set. You might even skip 50 set and get 55 set to go for 60 pve set. I believe dungeons are getting easier by time because of new updates


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        double skill is only worth in early stages, so i would by wings, and they can be upgraded. think about it
        and lvl 35 is better that 30. ask anyone. when it comes to lvl 40 legend and lvl 45, in my choice, i would take lvl 45 and try to get lvl 50 cause there is big difference in the stats the lvl 40 gives and that of lvl 50. which is not seen between lvl 50 and lvl 60. and its my opinion, considering you are a free player, if you are casher your money is the limit


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          Duble skills in my oppinion are good only for mages who have lvl under 64.It's important what's your target.Better buy wings, give you much more power and now is easy to lvl up them with spire and circuit quest.
          And about gear set, the PVE is the better choice than PVP for sure.
          I'm not the best and i never be the best but for sure i will enjoy this ******** game!!
          Some peoples must understand one thing: "This is just a game so take it easy!!!" :mad:

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            activate double skill first since its good for all characters on under 65 its cheaper that way u can focus on wings after wards even if it takes time double skill is worth it