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Battle Ground and Honor (gaining/losing)

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  • Battle Ground and Honor (gaining/losing)

    Hello people,

    this has probably been discussed before but didn't find anything clear

    Please tell me how honor gaining and losing goes

    I know that when you win you get 35 honor - that's what i get now

    When i lose against a stronger fighter i lose 10 honor

    Now what is my problem - it happens to me lately that i lose against a higher leveled or better (higher) skilled
    person and i lose 200-400 honor - say whaaaaaat?!

    So what is it that determines when i'll lose that much honor?

    - opponents level?
    - opponents BR?
    - are dryads counted in current BR?
    - players title? (i'm champion now)
    - etc...

    I'm really going crazy when i win 10 times to gain barely 400 and then i lose that much in one fight!
    I can't figure that out myself since it happened that i lost against a lower BR and didn't lose more then 10 honor
    and sometimes a lose against a person who has 1k BR less (but better skills - which is pretty strange) and he takes
    200 of my honor away.

    Also, i sometimes kill over 10 people and gain 300-500 honor and some people gain over 1.500. How's that?

    I think there are some other questions about this which i can't remember right now but i'll post them when i remember.

    Please just provide answers for me and don't post if you're not sure


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    It is based on numerical honor. If you lose to someone who has less numerical honor than you (I'm not certain of the amount of honor they have to have less, like -200 or -300 or so), you will lose lots of honor. If you lose to someone who has a higher numerical honor (once again, not certain of the buffer), you lose little...

    Winning is the same: win from someone with lower honor: you win little. Win from someone with higher honor: you win lots.

    Btw, you start losing honor from Crusader title and up.
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      As far as I know, you shouldn't lose any honor if you still under rank 6 (crusader)I believe it's still in honor rank guide. You lose 400 to lower rankYou lose 10 to higher rankLosing 200-300 is based on honor PtsGaining honor is also based on ranks
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        u willl not lose honor until u are crusader

        honor gaining is by participating in guild battle and from battle ground

        after reaching crusader title u will lose honor every time ur player is defeated ( let me clear this if u lose honor and lose crusader title and become elite warrior u no longer lose title )


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          As the rest already stated, you start losing honor once you are a crusader and above rank. If you are an elite warrior and below, you are not supposed to lose any honor. As the mod said, its numeric-based system so if the opponent have more honor than you, you will lose less (since Im a crusader still, I have situations that I was in and lost lots of honor due to lesser ranked people).
          From my experience (I am still crusader) if you fight crusaders you will lose between 35-100 based on how much honor the opponent have more or less than you. If you lose to higher ranked people (lets say elite crusader) you lose only 10. On the other hand if you lose to people who are elite warrior, you will lose 100-200 honor. Against warriors and below ranks, 200+ based on how much honor they have.
          On the other hand, winning against higher ranked people always gives me 200 honor. Winning against elite crusaders and above ranks always give me 200 no matter if they are elite crusaders or lord divines. But winning against crusaders is like losing from them - between 35 and 100. Winning against lesser ranks (elite warrior and below) always awards you 35 honor no matter the rank. I dont know how it is on higher ranks thow since im only crusader.

          I hope that helped alittle. Its all based on my experience.

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            U honor depending on the opponents honor rank( i forgot to mention that) if u are same rank u lose 10 honor if lower u lose 200+ honor if am not mistaken

            thank u for the point


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              i'm EC lost 509 to a LC, also black screen after it ends.
              what is most lost in honor, 3k max gain, unlimited lost?
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                Originally posted by R215502239 View Post
                i'm EC lost 509 to a LC, also black screen after it ends.
                what is most lost in honor, 3k max gain, unlimited lost?
                yes, unlimited lost.