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Hello, may I ask for an advice?

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  • Hello, may I ask for an advice?

    I'm still trying to complete my level 50 set but due to lack of skeleton keys it's taking me soooooo long to complete it.. the strong players in our server has already completed their set.. I just wonder where they get so many keys?? I do runs with guildies and we even limit it to 25 keys per day so that we wont consume much right away but still taking us so long and now I dont have one anymore.. Others has already completed it for just a short period of time.. Please someone enlighten me on how to get more skeleton keys?? this is my first server and toon.. thanks you.. Im a knight by the way..

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    There have been packs on those and special login stuff. But that hasn't been much recent.
    The strong players most likely just bought the materials with money. You can get more Skeleton keys through VIP.
    Only way for free player is some dungeons and some login rewards and staying on for a certain time but they usually take a while to get to.
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      A lot of them saved keys for 50 runs (GoD Nightmare) since level 30 so they had TONS stored up.


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        Probably the stronger cashers just cashed the loids in at CW days, as they re in sale at that time can easily make the set in few days. And maybe, but can t remember that correctly, when a server starts you can cash in at least the 40 set for 'relatively' cheap .maybe the 50 set is possible there too ?
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          well maybe some collected keys, but vip get very easy skele keys due vip coins (and weekly gift)

          there was some event drop box dropped in cata/mp and solo dungeon last month, that one dropped tons of skele keys. i got total 250+ skele keys thanks to that.


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            i collect some keys from guild blessing and get some from campaign it luck but i remember there is a campaign i got three keys on three runs but ate my stamina lol


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              we had to save up for days / weeks. Only during the new year's packs we got bunch of keys. Also save every skeleton key from day 1 and you will have tons. Save every vip token you get and the vip pass (just refresh the screen and you can save the vip). You will get tons of keys from there too. If you used this vip already, well, that's sucky
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                Most ppl r non vip lol so the best way is guild bless and campaign i got lucky on guild blessing i tried o trick for socket rods but ended with skelet keys and it was worth it