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how to enlight troops?

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  • how to enlight troops?

    i know how to do it i just need common tips.

    for example now i have this im archer so i need PATK. what to do in this situation, swap or not? and if i have PATK let say lvl2 should i just continue enlightenment till the 10lvl and never swap? or......??

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    the best thing is swap it and spend the left over daru trying to get PTAK, it should be easy to get. lvling up is difficult, so my opinion is this, cause you are saving 4 M daru. and are spending on further lvl
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      As you level your enlighten the bonuses get larger, so you can go from level 2 patck to level 3 to level 4 etc... and keep getting more boosts. As an archer using templars use patck enlighten always just keep upgrading its level as you advance through enlighten levels.