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Non balens guide

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    for me this is a misleading guide i don't agree right from the 1st point.
    maybe, just maybe, the thread starter is a good person who wanted to help others by making guide, but a misleading guide is no good either. that's what i think since i think if u do this guide, u'll find urself mostly dead in BG and GA. and u need to cry for others to help u to do NM MPD since u're not strong enough.
    but if he made this to mislead others who want to play for free.. then..
    non-balens for me it's better to just follow ginger's guide, it's a good one, a lot better than this one if u wanted to enjoy this game as a non-casher. but i do mine anyway, since i don't like reading guide and copying other's way. i did after i know what to do and after i'm done with my own char, just to know and compare


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      ... i dont hear anything about guild skills, about academy, about astro, about mounts, about things tho really give a good br.. so is this a guide for those who aready have an awesome klowegde... i am a slow lever and i took 6 months more to reach lvl 43 and 35k br for free. i can say, have a few players on my bg who can really beat me, and i keep learning from them how to be bettar in slowling...

      sorry but, if u are an starter and dont know about the game issues, just get out FAST from this post.
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