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Rare Gaia exchanges

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  • #16
    GL man, i was farming 8-10 a day for like 3 weeks and never got better than green


    • #17
      Originally posted by JackMalloy View Post
      I had to use mahra in white Gaia, because I was not able to get a green one

      However, I could get green Iris and AQ. I continue farming to get sepulcrums, and maybe 1 day I will be lucky to get a blue one
      good luck with that am digging it!


      • #18
        i got blue gaia when i already have better gaia
        Server: East Coast Server 300+
        Class: Mage
        Level: 70+
        Battle Rating: 90+k
        Honor: Lord Divine


        • #19
          then "tyvarr" ( swedish ) unfortunately sry but its very lucky of u getting it


          • #20
            I doubt is possible for me getting anything good. Did so far all CQ farmed slyphs a lot at start and so far all i git from around 150 exchanges(i would assume i did at least 150) all i got was 3 green 0 blue and whiteeeeeesssssssss!!!!!!!!!


            • #21
              I exchanged whenever my essence stacks hit 999, nothing blue but drop is the same ratio for every sylphs.
              Exchange + Drops (from fighting) is same, 2 greens and 20 whites (iris, pan, gaia, aq) so far.
              With green being ~9%, I'm guessing blue will be about 0.04% or 2500 seals. Good luck
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