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Alternative Payment Method Guide - MOL.

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    Originally posted by mod-michael View Post
    heard of a few people that don`t know how to use mol - money online.

    To purchase balens or vip.
    I`ll explain in a few steps on how to do that.

    For balens:

    1. First go to
    here [ATTACH=CONFIG]80425[/ATTACH]
    you can choose the game and the server you are in for balens.
    2.choose the amount that you want to take.
    And then click on checkout 2 times.

    3.this window will pop-up.
    there you will have paypal, creditcard and a few more options those vary depending on what country you are in.
    For mol just close that window
    and you will have more options there.

    For vip:
    in the first image choose the game and server that you are on.
    here you can choose join now for those that will use a creditcard to purchase it.
    For mol and other options choose the alternative method.

    these are other payment methods for those that can`t use or don`t want to use a credit card.

    Hope this helps.
    If you need help with other payment methods please feel free to ask.

    this you care about...but no bg after this patch when we need it to get adv class?????????????????????????? ***????????
    Where the hell is the bg fix?????? Nobody is gonna buy balens on a **** faulty game, u need to fix the bg issue and lag problems....dont care about the balen problems!!!!!!! But thats what u care about. Relising a faulty patch, when you knew about the problems is bull.s.****
    well, at least we know you proritys
    Level:80 Adv


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      what the heck wartune ...i want to put some balans didnt give me the 8 choice for phone ....


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        I pay with American Express for VIP one month but when 30 days off i have 29 left again and i don't use pay for that...I don't wanna be VIP currently!
        Tell me why i'm VIP again?
        PS : Sorry for my English


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          thanks for the guide


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            how can i stop wartune to take my money for vip? i dont wanna anymore but they still took my money from card,

            stupid thing!!!