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    so boring of game. after maintenance new loading screen not work. always stuck in black screen, have to reload a lot to enter once. this not my browser problem, i can load wartune on Kabam site smoothly, but r2game site not work so pls help or put back the old loading screen.


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      Besides if this is because of the flash player then why it will come back and I can enter again after several minutes. Also, if I can't enter the game, I also have a hard time accessing their website and forum. It will both load very very slowly... Damn!


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        All I see is the damn brown screen and the event bar and its PISSING ME OFF. Ive cleared all my chache and everything even tried opening it on 3 different browsers and on a different computer. Went to and it said its working just not for me.....any advise?


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          Originally posted by cursen View Post
          No help on forums no help anywere this is obviously a bug that needs fixed but seems like admin doesnt give a damn about player im full vip member and there like "oh ok now that u spent money screw off" this is ******** fix ur damn issues

          check out here....What not I have done including file a ticket...but no one cares....and I have spend 40k balen on this acc...welcome to r2


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            This actually worked thank you I havw been trying for days to fix this problem