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    for more information, as attacker you'll get 15 amethyst every battle win unless the attacked player have 60 amethyst.
    for the one being attacked, they won't lose amethyst if their amethyst is 60 or below.
    so it's better to do double although being attacked as you can get 120 amethyst instead of 100 at normal time without being attacked.


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      Earth, The mine is indeed split from 25-39 and 40-80. I can confirm that for you. As you avoiding Gold Rush, I do the same thing. The latency, mass of huge BR in there and all of the congestion makes me less likely to attend the Gold Rush.


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        There are some good manners in amethyst mine, so it's considered (at least in our server) best not to:

        1) Attack people when you don't have a cart - unless you're protecting someone from your guild
        2) Attack people who have less than 100 amethyst (Unless you know they're plundering others)
        3) Attack people after 21:25 - so that they can still drop their amethyst in double time.

        These three simple savoir-vivre rules make it more fun for everyone, whether they're fighters or farmers. I just thought I write them somewhere on the game forum and it seemed like a right place.