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Earth's Guide of Knight Building(Simplest)

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  • Earth's Guide of Knight Building(Simplest)

    Hi guys, I am Earth from S461. I am a level 48 non-casher Knight. Although in one sense I might be called casher as I recharged 500 balens at the start except it I haven’t recharged a thing and won’t even.

    This guide is how to start building a good non-casher Knight. It’s mainly for beginners who find the lack of knowledge about building their character at the start. I, myself am not a pro, but what I have found out I am including in this guide. Please go through it and comment.

    Well, what is a knight?

    Many don’t get it. Let me tell you knights are tanks. Characters that can’t taken down that easily. So you can guess what your main strength is. Yes,
    you are right it’s defense.

    Guild Skills & Astrals :

    At the start your main focus should be guild skills rather than astrals. I prefer you get level 2 skills as soon as possible then go for good astrals. And truly never ever use a green astral. When you are going for astral hunt just set settings as sell green or below.

    First of all which guild skill u need first. For a knight those are Power, Defence and endurance. Charisma is really important too for every class but odn’t go for it at the start.

    Talking about astrals, Get youself Force-->Foritude-->Willpower-->enshieldment astrals(Holy>Pristine>Refined>Enhanced) till level 40. Many would give you
    advises to take out enshieldment and get snipers edge or brilliance. But don’t do it. I have seen what enshieldment can do. It’s my best astral.

    Socketing :

    Well guys, first of all I would like to say don’t use your socketing rods at lower levels, save it for higher. Get all of your equipment socketed with physical attack astrals(I have chosen it, If you are building a Mighty tank then You can go 4 physical attack 2 mdef and 2 pdef gems), Try to get your gems to higher levels
    too. It really increases your power.

    A little tips:

    For those who will buy 500 or more balens, don’t waste your crypt tokens on buying any noob rings or jewels. And I suggest don’t buy level 40 jewels after you get the rings, better save for level 50.
    Now, those buddies who won’t recharge a thing, Just get yourselves those 25 token jewels. At the start, don’t use on anything else. Save for
    level 40 jewels then.

    Gear :

    Until level 35 your gears won’t be that good. I prefer you just try to get as much pieces of level 20 gear you cal and then save insignias for level 35 gear.(Don’t ever buy broken weapon, armor or anything from crypt at low levels, crypt tokens are much more valuable than that)

    Now, after level 40 you have a choice either you go for level 40 legendary PVE or you go for level 45 arena PVP set. I always prefer PVP set but to say truly
    pve legendary is always better than pvp set. PVE is really good for world boss too. But it’s an headache to enchant so I usually go for 45 set then 50 legendary set.

    Skills :

    It depends on how you are building your knight. I have added different skill trees for you below :

    For a tank :
    Click image for larger version

Name:	tank.jpg
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Size:	81.9 KB
ID:	1748931

    For world boss building :
    Click image for larger version

Name:	wbbuild.jpg
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Size:	79.7 KB
ID:	1748932

    For arena: (Intercept your best skill here)
    Click image for larger version

Name:	arena.jpg
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Size:	83.3 KB
ID:	1748933

    Tips on world boss :

    Always do world boss in afk mode guys. Put slasher skill first, then ultimate slasher and then enhanced or normal delphic, put out other skills.
    Send your troops front and when you start every turn select ultimate slasher do the QTE and click afk.

    Also change your pdef and mdef astrals with any snipers edge and determination astrals if you have.

    My astro pack :

    Click image for larger version

Name:	astro.jpg
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Size:	125.7 KB
ID:	1748940
    Tips on Clothing(Rage) :

    Well guys as we are non-cashers. So, buying clothing with balens truly hard job for us. Let me tell you what i did. I only bought a armor clothing at first with those 500 balens, then I saved my bound balens till clothing event on 11th day. I bought another piece of armor clothing and
    synthesized level 2 clothing, for this i got helmet clothing from the event which I synthesized with the default helmet clothing. this way i
    developed my clothings one after another. Never go on to buy different clothings at start. Knights are rage machines, so rage won't be much

    Somethings I want to add(My story) :

    When I started in my server many players I mean high cashers told me you can’t build at higher levels, it’s only about cash this game. I just listened it and took
    it out of my head, focused on building my strength.
    I have suffered so much in my server. Our guild master left never returned. So we had votes and I became new G M. Those 2 weeks went like hell. Had only
    level 1 guild skills. But never quited focused on building astrals. Soon enough I got best astrals in the server. Then after I became G M upgraded skills to level 4 and got those then we merged into another guild. Where I am right now.
    Many of my friends left playing during that time. But I had a pledge of proving myself that I can be the best at least for once. And I am now. I have added some screenshots check these out.

    There aren't much info in this guide. I could write many more advises but no, just told you guys the basics. Except these learn yourself and become pro.

    These screenshots will prove my words a bit :
    Click image for larger version

Name:	top2.jpg
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ID:	1748935Click image for larger version

Name:	top3.jpg
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ID:	1748936Click image for larger version

Name:	top5.jpg
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Name:	top6.jpg
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Name:	Toprank.jpg
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ID:	1748939

    This guide will continue upgrading according to new versions of the game that would come.

    s461, Unearthly Grave
    Last edited by Earth®; 04-28-2014, 07:08 AM.

    Name : Earth®
    Server : s461, Unearthly Grave
    Character : Knight
    Level : 60+

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    Tanx mate. Your guides are really awesome I love those. BTW why don't you post these guides to main guide section...truly a good guide..

    And what you said about yourself it happens you know. Simple bad luck. but now you have grown strng.


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      I don't have priviledges bro.. I think if the mods like it. They will send it there..Thanks for your support

      Name : Earth®
      Server : s461, Unearthly Grave
      Character : Knight
      Level : 60+


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        tyvm, really a good helpful guide.. +1 to you.


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          You should get to level 50 and slow level there. Sylphs will help you out like hell.
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            And why does MataPombo show up, when you're not him?
            Everything is to blame...
            On R2Games


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              Cool and all, but you left out the fact that your server is weak on cashers. Server I'm on which is not quite 13 days old already has a lvl 45 with over 40k br.

              And you didn't mention that to have the star points you do, you need to attend every WB and do well. So again, not good for players who actually WORK for a living nor the player who does spend a lot of their gold on astrals and gets nothing but green and white repeatedly.

              And then you forgot to mention that if you want to level you need to be online when everybody else is or you will be going no where w/o a party as you have no power to kill anything quickly.

              Showing different skill set ups is a useless point. Either they choose TANK or ATTACK route. And since a lot people are non cashers, you should have focused on 1 type as non cashers won't have the ability to reset after 25, nor buy the second skill slot....

              Best bet is just not play since this game requires maxing out your credit card to win anything unless your lucky as this sapp was to draw a weak cash user server.

              Otherwise, it's only soso for to do it themselves and learn what they like.....w/o the cash.....cashers don't care as they will just buy their stats/levels/speed/ and everything else anyway....



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                love the guide and great story! Bummed to see a lot of people who play just give up. People need to realize that not every day is going to be a great day. Hell, I can't even count the times where my BR stayed the same for days straight. Great things come to those who stay patient and focus and you're a perfect example of it. congrats on the success!
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                  I love watching vids :P.

                  Earth, could you supply us with a few videos instead of/as well as (more) screenshots xD?


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                    thx for the guide looks good
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                    Pearl Lake


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                      Thanks for the guide. Very decent


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                        Regarding world boss setup:
                        instead of putting point into shield, shadow thrasher, intercept, whirlwind and enhanced delphic, you could get slasher and uslasher to lvl 5, which is huge boost (slasher from 106 to 132%, and uslasher from 130% to 150%). After that, you'd be still able to get level 1 enhanced delphic which is pretty solid.


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                          A very good, detailed guide, Earth. I would certainly consider using it as a guide to forming my own Knight.
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                            guys some are mis understnding abt me putting 3 skill sets..its obvious tht non-cashers wont get more that's why even the skill set for a particular reason I have made it kind of like hybrid... that will help u in the main thing as well as others in game... This guide is till level 50 cause after that you should learn yourself as I did
                            WRITER OF THESE TO SIMPLE GUIDES BELOW

                            Name : Earth®
                            Server : s461, Unearthly Grave
                            Character : Knight
                            Level : 60+


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                              I don't play as knight anymore, but when I played, I did following rotation on World Boss (each round):
                              1. Ultimate Slasher.
                              2. Let character do the run with standard attack (without pressing any button), and when char begins to run - press shortcut for slasher.
                              3. Run - Ultimate Slasher.
                              4. Run - Rune button
                              5. Run - Enhanced Delphic Destroyer.
                              At level 50, first round was ended with Enhanced Delphic, next one I began with uslasher, and sylph awakening with brutality rune, so I did 2 powerful attacks on WB.
                              With standard delphic rotation was a little bit slight different. When I had enough hp to survive all "weak boss attacks", I've sent troops to back. Refined Goddess Blessing is a good astral for World Boss, since you get less damage. With Enhanced Block on level 2 I dodged boss attack and got healed to survive one more hit on lower level.
                              Somehow it was enough to get me even up to 3rd place in Knight class as a non-casher on new server. I didn't tried other combinations, since I didn't had to do so - I couldn't compete with cashers, and I usually got both rewards - for more than 1% damage and being in top 10 in Knight Class. I stopped playing as a knight, because Whirlwind was a really mediocre AOE skill. Mages with less BR owned me easily, although archers had a little bit more trouble.
                              I'm trying now Mage - and honestly, it's really awesome. Rain of Fire, Meteoric Destroyer and troops PDEF on high level makes usually a victory for a mage, even if my BR is lower by 2-5k BR.
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