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[Guide] to being the most hated

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  • [Guide] to being the most hated

    If your starting a new server, be sure you start off right.
    Ask for farm friends, but ask like this

    Feed me farm! (let them know they are feeders not friends). Don't say farm friends (nothing friendly about farms and stealing, no one ask if they can take daru)

    1. First join the guild with people who look like winners! (so wait until you lvl 13)
    A. A winner look like someone with a decent name no random funny names like Mr.Popcorn, Goldface, HiRabbit (these are people going nowwhere fast)
    B. Look for that gold next to them that makes them vip (cheap free players whine and fuss about random stuff like game, why they hate their lives, and gas prices)
    C.The quiet type usually are the threats ( the loud ones get excited they are even playing a game and get hard one that girls play too)

    2. Once you in a guild feel out the atmosphere
    A. Talk to the guild leader (become friends with him unless you are him)
    B. Become closer friends with the same people who love to fight people too
    C. Stay away from the sensitive type, no goal type , and farm stealing crybabies (male drama queens)

    3. First week test area combos out. If they are free leave them in battle for another slot! (You are there to get ings not to be a highlight wheel)
    A. This let the weaker people know you have goals and dreams
    B. Take charge in making teams to show you aggressive nature

    *4 Okay to get respect go to the alter. The most pack one and send out duel invites
    A. someone who is new or cocky might accept and beat them good. A
    a. Go type in world chat = LOL this will **** him or his friends off

    5. Go to Battle grounds and target the same people over and over.
    A. Become friends with other bullies and run pass them to your target
    B. Stand by the entrance of spawing area until you see someone stronger the leave, but come back asap
    C. Stand in the crack and pop up on people (the targets you see over and over in bg)

    6. Lastly to be hated for the most part!
    Go the mines in double time!!!!!

    Kill the same people over and over for 15+. 14+ and etc...

    In world chat call them crybabies, but say you love them all the same.

    If they ask you why. Say everyone in this world was borner a sinner and you know it is a sin , but ask for forgiveness.

    Also listen to this while you kill them. It is pretty epic

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    You forgot about these steps:
    1. Gain trust of the leader, become guild officer or asst. GM.
    2. When he's not on, kick all guild members (especially those with a lot of unused contribution points).


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      i love it!

      then, make a secondary, buy yourself 5000 roses, and make yourself "balenor's sweetheart"


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        that sounds like both of the servers I play on.


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          BG tactics only works if your victim(s) are from your own server. It's a bit easier to do this scheme in GB, and responses should be appropriate (meaning frustrating to thin skinned players, "I'm sorry your toon sucks, maybe you should learn to play the game" and such).

          Another thing to do is pick a guild or two (a guild named "Fluffy Bunnies" or something equally cute/cuddly or one with lots of members) and attack their members repeatedly, like booting them from atoll 2 and higher. Blacklist the ones who PM you to force them to use their 10 world chat responses to complain to/about you. Keep your answers brief but irritating so eventually they run out of wc uses and get even more angry because they cannot continue to complain without spending balens or have to ask party members for MPD to do quick invites.

          lol @ noob's reply. Make a pile of secondaries and have them ship flowers to your "most hated" attempt. Then those toons will have some decent gear, a rebate on the initial purchase of balens and you'll have feeder farms you can keep idle to build up the main's farming xp.
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            Don't even need todo all that...

            Just go into game and state clearly....

            Gimme your ****** roses or I'll beat on you constantly....No apologies what so ever...let them whine/cry....

            Camp at 39 in the noob bg forever, and become strong enough to own anything that moves...

            Be a level 39 that can kill level 45's easily....

            Farm...LMFAO don't plant a ****** thing, just rip every farm, and take every "Add" that comes in....even after all the no planting, you will still have page upon page of farms to rip....and a maxed farm because of the morons thinking they can rip your farm....

            Talk trash, beat the tar out of everybody you can, and just be an ahole 24/7.....

            You will become hated easily w/ no money spent and very little effort....


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              well i saw a non casher who harrased every casher on his server until some of them quit . talks ** , i tell ya he guy is hilarious .


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                for things in 39 BG
                be a spawn-camper (also works in guild battle)
                keep boasting about yourself errywhere
                keep whining about the game balance and cashers
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                  Originally posted by awedgshg View Post
                  You forgot about these steps:
                  1. Gain trust of the leader, become guild officer or asst. GM.
                  2. When he's not on, kick all guild members (especially those with a lot of unused contribution points).
                  This happened to our guild a couple weeks ago...


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                    Thank you for the support. With countless times spent in the mines and by the negative feed back I get for doing this. This was the way to be most hated Guide


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                      that sounds like me XD
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