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Guild Battle first week with massive weak br guild! How to think to win!

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  • Guild Battle first week with massive weak br guild! How to think to win!

    First if your the guild leader you have some issues you might want to straighten out at the start. Make sure you Assistant guild leader has the highest br out of all the other weaklings. Now speak with aggression. You tell them today is going to be a GB! You scream it like your going to win it!

    You tell them you have strength in numbers! Now you take to the world chat and start screaming like Braveheart aka William Wallace

    With this you will gain the trust and loyalty of all the newbies and people who couldn't join the top guild because it was to full. This gives them security and hope that change might come.
    pattle make sure your at the start of the exit gate. Shout more warrior cries to pump them up. Tell the weakest of the weakest players without them this would not be happening. (Truely this would not be happening if they did not join your guild to even put you in top guild position to even battle)

    Now you tell them this is chess not checkers and they must pay the price and become a pawn to distract the higher br players. Tell them they might be free players but it is freedom in their hearts that make them warriors.

    Now you take your weak top br players and try to get a tower. Don't hold it just touch it. You don't want to be Baped. You want to live.

    Once you get the tower unleash the crakken war wagon on their middle ground base.

    This will let the lessers know that your sexy like will smith sexy.

    Maybe you will win

    But most likely you won't

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    +10 you win internetz.
    I need a hammer to whack the BG nutcases.


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      thank you my dear friend. I win it