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[Advance Guide] How to optimize your astrals.

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  • Originally posted by toptrunks619 View Post
    what does charisma do does it lower crit or lower damage or something.
    charisma is troop count. More troops = more troop hp
    Death comes when you hear the Banshee.....


    • Originally posted by Afresha444 View Post
      My Battle Rating good enough but why still loose with higher LvL that had low Battle Rating?
      % astrals EWD, RGB and ED don't count toward BR so someone with RGB and either ED or EWD equipped could have a significantly lower BR and still be much stronger depending on how high those astrals are leveled among a few other factors.
      - Mage


      • decent guide for starters. but once you know tricks about astrals, you won't use astrals suggested here. the only good strategy is sell green and lower.


        • Ya well, I can't figure out with this damn astral path is/where the hotkey is to open an interface/how to activate. I have asked on WC and nobody answers. I have 4000 Chi and no way to use it because this game does not have a beginner's tutorial. That's fine, I'll go back to LoA and forget about this stupid monkey king!


          • Hello everyone,I am mage lvl 50,just lvl-ed up to that,also I am a very active player but I play this game by short time (3 weeks).I've stay on lvl 49 to can upgrade my fortitude,which was very low ( I didn't worked to much on that before lvl 49).Now I have a new open place for astrals & I added a Crit DMG +100,which is on 5 now. Is that helping me or what else should I use instead that astral shard? Ty.