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Gaia or Amazon Sylph

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  • Gaia or Amazon Sylph

    Hello I'm a new player wartune and I made ​​a Mage. I play on a server for wartune Romanian. I currently have a blue amazon, but many people told me to change the sylph with a Gaia. Gaia is better than amazon? But if what is better and what is it? Please help me because i'm new to this game and i don't now very good this game. Tnx !!! I wait for a response

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    As for Mage, You need sylph which has Strength based damage ( Amazon, Hades, and Pan ), if you are knight or archer, Intellect based damage ( Apollo, Gaia, and Iris )

    Make sure you contribute sepulcrum only 1 sylph which you like most because sepulcrum could boost your HP. Sepulcrum is useful for sylph arena, but not PVP battle. During PVP battle, the sylph damage is based on your original MATK stat.


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      Go Amazon, I have that and Gaia, wish I hadn't wasted anything on the gaia.


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        A hot amazon on a dinosaur vs a lolicon fairy? Amazon of course XD
        Both sylphs have their use/strengh, Amazon usually does more damage to mages than gaia.


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          Go with the one you want. Both are about equivalent.
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            Thank you all for the tips! Have a nice day or weekend


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              I would definitely go for Amazon. Has similar damage skills to Gaia and really nice skils after having it upgraded (refined).
              Since it deals PATK damage, it's better if you want to fight vs. other mages.


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                atm i havent looked at the evolved versions of both sylphs since i dont have them evolved yet. Both are equally strong imo.
                However i think f you want to invest (bound) balens in your sylph, gaia is a better option. the skills are slightly stronger and the cash skills seem to be a bit more useful than those of amazon.
                If you dont want to use (bound) balens in sylphs i think considering amazon would be a good option since its better in CW against other mages.
                It does depend a bit on your playstyle for the game tho.


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                  Amazon Queen for mages defo the evolved versions of AQ are awesome and think more power full then the gala.
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