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[Guide] Beginners guide to dealing more damage as a knight in levels below 40

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  • [Guide] Beginners guide to dealing more damage as a knight in levels below 40

    NOTE: This guide only goes up to level 40. Hence a beginners guide.

    So you're a knight, and you really enjoy fighting the world boss. But you think that you are not doing enough damage. Well, that will be no more! Read this guide, and you will be battling the world boss LIKE a boss.

    The below abilities are not very useful in dealing damage to the world boss.

    -Agoran shield (for lower levels) The world boss does so much damage to you, that when you are at lower levels, the shield does not work at all. Do not use until you are a higher level.
    -Whirlwind The whirlwind is meant to deal damage to multiple enemies, not a single enemy. The whirlwind does too little damage to make it useful during the world boss.

    -Slasher Use at the beginning of the battle to build up your rage faster.
    -Ultimate Slasher Use after Delphic Destroyer to do more damage to the world boss.
    -Delphic Destroyer This just plain deals a lot of damage.

    In the lower levels, HP does not matter, as the world boss does too much damage for you to be able to be hit more than once. Fill up all of your socketing slots with PATK and crit. gems, so that you can maximize your damage done to the world boss. Make sure to balance them out.

    Make sure that you have enchanted all of your equipment to the maximum level, so that you can maximize your damage done to the world boss.
    Make sure to position your knight behind your recruits.

    Immediatly after you start the battle, use your slasher. This will help you build up rage faster so that you can use your delphic destroyer. Then just sit back and wait. You need to build up your rage to use your delphic destroyer, as that will do massive damage to the world boss. Keep doing this until you have enough rage to use your delphic destroyer. Do not use the delphic destroyer in the middle of the battle, as you will do less damage. Instead, wait until you can next battle again and then use it at the very beginning. Right after you have used your delphic destroyer, use your ultimate slasher, and then after that, use your slasher. If you have properly gemmed and enchanted for this fight, you should be doing a lot more damage. If you want, sometimes you can double hit the world boss, which I will explain next.

    Double hitting is where you use an ability after you have done a normal attack. Here is a little sequence of attacks that you can use to double hit the world boss. This works 99% of the time.
    -Normal attack
    -Normal attack
    -Use slasher right after you do your normal attack.

    Now that you have read this guide, your lower level knight should do a lot more damage than before.

    Thank you for reading this guide! I appreciate your feedback, and I would also love it if you would rate this guide out of 10. Again, thank you!