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Beginner Archer GUide

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  • Beginner Archer GUide

    Archer is main class in dealing damage and that’s why people like this class. I will show you how I build my archers for certain level. In this guide I will talk about level 59 as many people try to camp at that level and up to that point you will know for yourself how you want to play at higher level.
    I will separate this guide in several categories such as:
    1. Builds PvE/PvP
    2. Astrals
    3. Talents
    4. Mounts
    5. Runes
    6. Sylph
    7. Troops
    1. Builds PvE/PvP
    First you need to know is that archers need double skills because it’s really hard to play without those, so my advice is save bound balens (if you are non-casher) and buy double skills so you can use one tree for PvE (player versus environment) and other for PvP (player versus player).
    Here are PvE skills that I suggest:
    Click image for larger version

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    You will use PvE tree when you do MPD (Multy-player Dungeon), Forgotten Catacombs and all other places where you can slow down boss xD I also suggest to keep Arrow Strike at level 1 until you get all other skills like on the picture up. I think you won’t be needing Scatter Shot level 3 but if you do feel free to level it up.
    And here are PvP skills that I suggest:
    Click image for larger version

Name:	PVP.png
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    You will use PvP skill tree when you do single/group arena, Battle Ground, Guild Battle. I do not suggest taking Delphic Death Star until level 60 because it needs 100 rage to use it and you will probably never use it but at level 60+ depending on your team and your playing strategy so you might take it.
    I won’t comment about equipment, because you should use equipment that suits your playing style, but I will tell you about their refining. It doesn’t matter if you use PvE or PvP set refining priority should be the same. I like putting strength / power, patk, armor / defense, crit, endurance (if you want you can switch endurance with some defense stat if you need more defenses).
    2. Astrals
    Upon reaching level 18 you will unlock astrals and it will be place where you will spend most of your gold. At level 18 you will have 1 astral slot and then at 20 and every other tenth level until level 80 you will get one spot opened. By quality they are lined up from green / blue / purple / orange / red but keep in mind that there are not all red astrals such as all percentage astrals are capped on orange.
    20---PATK, Sniper’s Edge
    40--- PATK, Sniper’s Edge, & MDEF/PDEF
    40--- PATK, Sniper’s Edge, MDEF & PDEF
    50—PATK, Sniper’s Edge, MDEF, PDEF & Determination
    You also might considering using charm astral at level 40 for World Boss because your troops might survive 1 extra attack and yeah if you get determination before level 50 (which should happened if you invest in astrals) use it at World Boss event so you get extra gold.
    3. Talents
    At level 50 you will unlock talents. Talents are very important for any class. Holy Seal can help you win battles if you successfully stun your opponent.
    Click image for larger version

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    I suggest keeping Holy Seal and Stealth as high as possible. I personally like Fury, Instinct and Scrutiny. Also I suggest taking Perception if you are single archer in your team just so you do Incendiary Shot more often.
    4. Mounts
    At level 16 you will unlock mounts. They will give you a lot of Battle Ratting. You should focus on Strength then on Armor, Endurance and last on Intellect. If you think you have good armor then you might consider focusing Endurance before Armor, and this goes for everything (refining, guild skills).
    5. Runes
    At level 35 you will unlock runes.
    Click image for larger version

Name:	640px-Runes3.jpg
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    Free runes ( Brutality, Blood and Healing rune ) are good and If you don’t have other runes or don’t have a way to get them I suggest taking Brutality and Healing rune, but if you by any miracle or balens get other runes you might consider taking them.
    Guardian rune is good if you think you can survive World Bosses special attack (I wouldn’t worry about that any time soon hehe ).
    Purification rune is good if you don’t have mage in your party. I suggest forgetting about this rune and finding mage.
    Rage rune is good if you want to go straight from 55 PvP set to 60 PvE set. With PvP set you might have some troubles with rage so that’s when this rune gets in.
    Chaos rune (by my opinion best rune) can help you win a lot of PvP fights and if you get your hands on this rare rune you should invest in it because you won’t regret it.
    Amnesia rune is good at high level but I wouldn’t invest in it even if I had it. Some of you might think otherwise but Amnesia rune doesn’t suit my playing style.
    6. Sylphs
    At level 50 you unlock Sylphs. There are 6 sylphs in total. Once again I will tell you sylphs that suit my playing style but you should know that all sylphs are good.
    Gaia (Electro sylph) uses magic attack and it’s best free sylph for archers. They have strongest Delphic of all sylphs..
    Amazon Queen (Fire sylph) uses physical attack and it’s also free sylph with very strong Delphic which is a bit different then Gaia’s . Amazons Delphic has a chance to hit 2 enemies.
    Iris (Water sylph) uses magic attack and its one of the free sylphs. Their Delphic does not hit as hard as gaia’s and amazon’s but iris has good heals.
    Pan (Wind sylph) uses physical attack and its one of the free sylphs. His Delphic hits all opponents.
    Apollo ( Light sylph) uses magic attack and you need to spend a bit of balens to get it, you might as well get it with event. Like his other skills Delphic hits all opponents.
    Hades (Dark sylph) uses physical attack and for this one as well you need to spend some balens or to wait and get it with events. Delphic hits all opponents and it has healing skill which reminds a lot on Bloodthirsty.
    Finally I’m going to tell you with 3 (for sylph arena) I suggest taking. For main sylph I suggest getting Gaia. You should have Iris to help you with healing so you can support your team. Third sylph should be Apollo or Hades if you have them both I would rather chose Hades, but if you can’t get your hand on these two then you should take Amazon Queen.
    7. Troops
    About troops you shouldn’t have doubts. This is how you should get them.
    1st Lancer
    2nd Paladin
    3rd Gryphon
    4th Knight
    5th Templar
    When it comes to troop enlighten I suggest you taking PATK transformation.
    Click image for larger version

Name:	PATK.png
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    If you think that I missed something or I should change please let me know.
    I hope this guide was helpful
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    Nice update guide for Archer