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[Guide] Patch 4.0 - Part Three

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    Originally posted by TBAMoFo74 View Post
    How come S1 does not have sky adventure yet? Thought this was a test server :P
    Maybe the hot air balloon hasn't reached your side of the globe yet ? :O

    Ooooooh, look look its coming ! ^^

    Click image for larger version

Name:	2006_Ojiya_balloon_festival_011.jpg
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Size:	86.0 KB
ID:	1714432

    Uh oh, electric power lines ..... well I hope it gets your way safely !

    Good luck !


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      Bw.w.a.a.a.a.a.a. oh so pretty. Ty MsKink


      • #63
        I love how this update LITERALLY tells you nothing.

        Hot Air Balloon ride gets you "rewards"...well...WHAT rewards?

        You have to be certifiably insane if you think I'm going to spend money on something to get those stupid recharge things for the balloon without knowing exactly what I can get.


        • #64
          u will get some soul crystals, and mount hoofs. Oh maybe we can get some fate stones, and sylph exp scrool o dont forgot about crystaloids.


          • #65
            thxs a lot for these new outstanding events (this is sarcastic. just a info for the dump devs of this game. all players know this was not like written)

            give more stupid time graping events for cashplayers (only), more useless b.s to fill the rare inv slots with more useless ******

            - ****** sky adv. only works with energie stones u can get i shop: ohh what a surprise, pay for an event to get rewards not worth time u spend in this ****, but pay for it ?

            - steel wars: 3 mio br in team to start ? gj, makes it easy for normal players to find teams, cause of.c no high br team will take a low br player, so again no rewards here for "normal players"

            these 2 ex. make clear whats the new direction this game will go: events in future only for cash players and all others are in game to make them feel better by spawnkilling in bgs, fair matchings in arena and good chances for guilds to kill 1 cash player if they stack their whole br of all members into 1 player

            so let me say thy to the company. gj like every time u put in new stuff into game


            • #66
              some of us find this rather unfair as most of the new servers will be unable to participate.
              There is no way we can get a 20 person alliance and get 300 million BR. We like Tanks too! there should be something like this that we should be allowed to do! something that only the new servers should be able to do.


              • #67
                Your wonderful, marvelous patch is MASSIVELY BUGGED... I was in Jewel Hunt, went to inventory and tried to move 14 Chaos Boxes, and they would not move. Refreshed and they were GONE...

                Then tonight we entered Steel War, sounded like fun. Game was almost tied, we were behind 50 points, when they attacked our flag. Half the time trying to protect, they kept pounding the flag and we were told they were under a protection buff so we could not kill them for 15 seconds or more, while flag dropped slowly.
                THEN when the flag was gone, we got a respawn timer for it... 55 MINUTES !!!! It's supposed to respawn in 5 minutes by your article above. So we had to wait 55 minutes when the battle is only that long.

                Again Wartunes earns a W T F ... A team loses due to yet another glitch in the software, your people can't even set a timer to 5 minutes !!!!

                The only nice thing is that I think you finally convinced me to never spend another dime on this piece of dung game. I'll use up the balens I have, and then go the free route and you can all starve.

                You just keep getting more and more greedy, and you can't even fix bugs. Disgusting to treat players this way. (Stick this reply in your "survey", I won't waste my time on it)


                • #68
                  good thing its bugged too


                  • #69
                    anyone else notice the times of chaos war and steel war are basically right on top of one another?


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                      Originally posted by Merrywindl View Post
                      anyone else notice the times of chaos war and steel war are basically right on top of one another?
                      hint : read before writing

                      you will find lots of useful information and you wont flood the forums with useless posts


                      • #71
                        Are you (R2) trying to kills my Inventory and Vault by saving too many stuffs?.......


                        • #72
                          our revive totem was destroyed, had to leave battle ground and reenter as revive was 2544.44 min


                          • #73
                            No where does it state how to steer balloon to avoid boxes. that would have been very helpful info


                            • #74
                              Anybody know how long this ancient treasure is open? Is this a daily or weekly thing or what? So you give 100 balens to get 128 balens, does this go up each time you give? And what are in the chests?


                              • #75
                                how long is ancient treasure event open for