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[Guide] Wartune Patch 5.1

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  • Fherlayt
    Dimension: can use energy to locate posts and exit, and sylph exp: can blitz to max record, that sounds great.

    But. Wait with "thx" until it goes live. Holy forge nerfed? No gold from Atoll boss? No eudaemon stuff from tok chest? No vip card and fashion shard from fishing? The list goes on. Until I saw them with my own eyes, its only a rumor, but I fear the worst...

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  • R2104223301
    thx to all wartun team

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  • AleshaS421
    Nice banner on server page for this patch lol if it wasn't a lie

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  • mahmoudnabih2
    very good thx

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  • Stormaggedon
    Version Info (Others)

    1. Adjusted reset time of rewards, rankings and cross-server rankings.
    2. Adjusted the difficulty and the rewards for the Tower of Kings.
    Click image for larger version

Name:	version.jpg
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Size:	72.1 KB
ID:	1719015
    3. Optimized the Gold Road.
    4. Optimized the Guild recruit panel and added a feature to sort players accordingly.
    5. Optimized the Battleground in the following ways:
    • Added a progress bar while occupying a Tower.
    • Optimized the Rankings and the Battlefield settlement panels as well as the mini-map.
    • Adjusted the rewards for killing the same player.
    • Adjusted the occasions where players will be kicked out of the Battleground.

    6. Removed the level requirement for sending Sylphs into battles. In the new version, players can send any Sylph to join battles once they have the Sylph System unlocked; Removed level requirement for Sylphs to begin Sylph Divinity Refinement.
    7. Optimized the Dimension. Players will be able to explore a post or the entrance to the next level using Energy.
    8. In the new version, players will be able to purchase as many mount cards in the Shop as they want. The activated mounts may be recycled into Beast Souls.
    9. Required level for unlocking the Battle Protection, Sylph Expedition and Sylph Arena has been changed to Lvl. 50.
    10. Eudaemon skill panel optimization: Added an indicator to show players whether a skill can be learned and how many Eudaemon Skill Books can be engulfed.
    Click image for larger version

Name:	version2.jpg
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Size:	130.9 KB
ID:	1719017
    11. Modified the limited-sale message in the Shop and Guild Shop.
    12. Increased the max quantity of items to be purchased in the Shop.
    13. Adjusted the period of checking in from one month to 10 days and modified the check-in rewards.
    14. Adjusted the max devotion points to 130 and changed some of the devotion rewards. Players will be able to earn one spin attempt respectively when their devotion points reach 15, 45, 85 and 115.
    15. Now the Farm will show how many animals can be bred on the Pasture Area.
    16. Adjusted the content of the Weekly VIP Packs and the rewards for the VIP Wheel.
    17. Now a buff which boosts a Eudaemon's attack and which exists with other buffs in the Eudaemon Arena will be generated every 60 seconds.

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  • Stormaggedon
    Sylph Expedition Optimization

    Optimized the Sylph Expedition in the following ways:
    1. Now Main Sylphs and Sub Sylphs may be sent to join battle at any time.
    2. Now players can blitz to the best recording dungeon.
    3. Now skill cooldown resets with the start of each new battle.
    4. Reward Modification
    5. Optimized stage parameters.
    6. Now each deployed Sylph has 3 default skills at the very beginning that can be adjusted by players later.
    7. Optimized some of the UIs of the Sylph Expedition.

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  • Stormaggedon
    Starter’s Welfare

    1.Level Requirement: Character Level ≥ Lvl. 6
    The event icon will appear at the right top of the game screen:
    Click image for larger version

Name:	welfare.jpg
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Size:	47.9 KB
ID:	1719013
    2.Other Requirement: Only players who sign up following the latest version update can participate.

    3.Available for 10 days
    A 10-day countdown will begin once the event unlocks for a player.
    Click image for larger version

Name:	welfare4.jpg
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Size:	117.8 KB
ID:	1719043
    1.Players may purchase deeply discounted chests in the event panel,
    • including: Mount Chests, Gem Chests and Fashion Chests.
    • The deeply discounted chests are serial chests that players can open one for another. Balens is required to open these chests.

    2.The newly registered players (All "players" below refer to the "Newly Registered Players" ) also have special quests to finish:
    • At the very beginning, players will receive 3 primary quests.
    • Players can accept a new quest after they complete a quest, until all special quests are completed.
    • Players will receive rewards for each quest completed.
    • Players may spend certain amount of Balens to obtain extra rewards after receiving a regular quest reward.

    Click image for larger version

Name:	welfare3.jpg
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Size:	156.2 KB
ID:	1719014

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  • Stormaggedon
    New Guild Battle - Braves’ Battle

    Click image for larger version

Name:	bravebattle (1).jpg
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Size:	603.1 KB
ID:	1719038
    Guild Battle Info
    Requirement: Unlocked when a Guild reaches Lvl. 6
    How to participate:
    • All guild members despite their level may participate.
    • This event can only be attended as solo, parties are not allowed to enter.
    • Players who have joined the event in the day may join again, but they will receive no reward.

    Summon BOSS
    The Guild Leader (only the Guild Leader) can summon the BOSS once a day. Summon attempt resets every day at midnight.

    Train BOSS
    Guild members may donate Daru to accumulate Guild Battle Warpath and upgrade Guild BOSS level. The Guild Leader can decide which level of BOSS to summon. The Guild BOSS level determines a Guild BOSS' attributes and the number of Fang of Fear it drops.

    Battle Mode
    • If the BOSS has not been killed 30 minutes after the event starts, then the event will end automatically.
    • During the battle, players may set AFK Mode in which HP packs are consumed automatically.
    • When the event ends, players will be rewarded depending on if they have joined the killing of the BOSS.

    New Quests
    New Elements: BOSS ([Lavaland King] Baroque), Elite (Hellish Flame); Minion (Acas), Collection Site (Titanosaur's Churchyard)
    Click image for larger version

Name:	bravebattle2 (1).jpg
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Size:	479.4 KB
ID:	1719039
    A Guild will receive three quests once the event starts. The quests should be completed with the strength of all guild members. The whole guild will be granted the following buffs:
    • Collect Molten Heart: Decreases BOSS' Reverse Damage.
    • Submit Gigantic Dragon Bone: Decreases Sylph Awakening point’s descent rate.
    • Eliminate Acas: Increases all party members’ attack.

    Click image for larger version

Name:	bravebattle3.jpg
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Size:	48.5 KB
ID:	1719040

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  • Stormaggedon
    New Eudaemon - Blood Warrior

    Blood Warriors are magic assistants that have low HP, with the ability of weakening targets and absorbing HP from targets. Their PDEF, MDEF, MATK are at a medium level.

    Eudaemon Traits
    An auxiliary magic Eudaemon which can weaken targets and drain targets' HP.

    • Passive1 - Blood Sacrifice: Chance to absorb HP from targets when attacking.
    • Passive2 - Crusader’s Will: Increases MATK and MDEF.
    • Active1 - Cleaver: Deals damage to an enemy in the front row.
    • Active2 - Shock & Strike: Deals damage to the enemy with the lowest HP.
    • Active3 - Blood Sucker: Deals damage to a random enemy and drains the target’s HP.
    • Active4 - Shadowless Blade: Deals damage to two random enemies.
    • Active5 - Menace: Deals damage to an enemy in the back row. A chance to weaken the target.
    • Active6 - The Last Straw: Deals damage to an enemy in the back row. A chance to double the damage.
    • Delphic1 - Delphic•Slasher: Deals huge damage to an enemy in the back row. 100% chance to weaken the target.
    • Delphic2 - Delphic•Bloody Storm: Deals damage to all enemies. A chance to increase the damage.

    Dazzling Appearance
    Click image for larger version

Name:	bloodwarrior.jpg
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Size:	113.0 KB
ID:	1719011

    Eudaemon Info
    • Level Requirement: Lvl. 70+ players can exchange the items required for Blood Warrior with God Timo.
    • How to use Blood Warrior: Open the Eudaemon panel and click “Active” to send the Eudaemon into battle with the character.
    • Eudaemon Growth: Eudaemon Upgrade, Equipment Upgrade, Skill Upgrade

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  • Stormaggedon
    Defend Sylph Atoll

    Event Info
    • Beginning daily at 00:00, the Defend Sylph Atoll event is available every 3 hours in a day, each lasting 1 hour. The event icon will appear at the top of the screen when the event is available. Players may click the icon to join the event.
    • After the event starts, Angry Advanced/Sophisticated Sylphs may appear on a random Sylph Atoll level. Players may kill them for certain amount of rage. The Sylph Atoll BOSS will appear once the rage amount is full.

    Click image for larger version

Name:	sylphatoll.jpg
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Size:	22.9 KB
ID:	1719012
    • Only one team is allowed to fight against the Sylph Atoll BOSS at a time. The rage resets once the BOSS is killed.
    • Players obtain rewards for killing Advanced Sylphs, Sophisticated Sylphs and the Sylph Atoll BOSS. Rewards will be sent to players' inventory directly. Players won't obtain rewards if they have run out of reward attempt. Reward attempts reset at 5:00 a.m. every day.

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  • Stormaggedon
    All pleasure you need is in the Game Box!

    Feature Overview
    In the Game Box, you may find Wartune mini games including Fishing, Jewel Hunt, Cloud Adventures and more! Enjoy ultimate fun!

    Level Requirement
    Click image for larger version

Name:	gamebox.jpg
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Size:	4.2 KB
ID:	1719009
    The event icon is available for Lvl. 28+ players.

    Click image for larger version

Name:	gamebox2.jpg
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Size:	211.7 KB
ID:	1719010
    System Rewards
    Players may obtain certain amount of Nickel while they're playing mini games. Nickel can be exchanged for items that reset every day.

    System Adjustment
    • Removed Fishing level, Rankings and Weekly Points.
    • Increased the quantity and the types of the fish.
    • Removed the Fish Basket: Rewards will directly go to a player's inventory.
    • Each fishing item has a stack limit. Players may purchase fishing items, but they cannot purchase or obtain more once the stack limit is hit.
    • Removed Fishing cooldown.

    Jewel Hunt
    • Removed Jewel Hunt levels, Rankings and Weekly Points.
    • Removed Temporary Inventory: Rewards will directly go to a player's inventory.
    • Expanded the game panel.
    • Removed the Point Chests: Reward items for a required amount of points will display directly.
    • The Lucky Star will directly obtain the reward items instead of receiving a chest.
    • Added a daily purchase limit.

    Cloud Adventures
    • Removed Sylph Formation.
    • Now players will enter a battle on their own (without carrying a Sylph into battle).
    • Removed the War Flag and the feature to ask a friend for help.
    • Added event description and removed the confirm messages.
    • Added more event types.

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