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[Guide] Patch 1.5: Part I

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  • [Guide] Patch 1.5: Part I

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    Wartune 1.5: Part I has officially arrived and will include the following updates:

    • Clothing - Needing to snazzy up that old style? Then say hello to the new clothing system! - More Info
    • Divine Altar - Tell the forces of Darkness that your Guild is the best in the business to get rewards! Of course, those same forces of Darkness aren't just going to take that claim lying down. Suit up and defend what's yours! - More Info
    • Cross-Server Battlegrounds & Rankings - Not satisfied with being the best in your realm? How about the best in all the realms? - More Info
    • Improved Astral One-Click Sell - Unsightly Astrals clogging your ability to generate more? Get rid of them all in just one click with the new One-Click Sell. New from Wartune! - More Info
    • Updated Mystery Shop - Rarer items, bonus points with purchases! - More Info
    • Guild Battle Changes - Now winning Guild Leaders can give out special rewards to special Guild members. Reward VIPs on the team for a job well done! - More Info
    • Improved Blitz - It's better than ever! - More Info
    • and much, more more!

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    Clothing is a unique addition to Wartune. Not only will it boost your attributes, but it will also provide your character with a distinctive new look. Standard clothing is purchasable in the Shop, along with Fashion Cores, and Good Luck Charms.

    Clothing may be accessed by clicking on “Clothing” in the Character panel. Here you will see all available clothing slots as well as two options: Clothing Synthesis and Clothing Conversion. Clicking on either of these options will open up the Tailoring panel.

    Clothing Synthesis costs Gold and is used to level up clothing, with the off chance of receiving a rare look. To synthesize clothing, you must first select two pieces of clothing you wish to synthesize. Success rates depend on the level of the clothing and whether or not Good Luck Charms are used. Good Luck Charms may only be used when synthesizing clothing of the same level, excluding level 1 clothing. Synthesizing clothing of the same level, while using a Good Luck Charm will offer a 100% success rate. Synthesizing (or failing to synthesize) two pieces of clothing will yield back one piece of clothing with a random, possibly rare look. A Fashion Core may be used in place of a piece of level 1 clothing. Clothing is bound after synthesis.

    Clothing Conversion costs Gold and is used to interchange clothing levels. You may only interchange the levels between clothing of the same type. No clothing items are lost during conversion. Clothing is bound after conversion.


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      Divine Altar

      Unlocked at guild level 5, the Divine Altar is a new event where guild members are required to defend the one and only Guild Altar from waves of monsters, which occur every 5 minutes. The Divine Altar's HP will start at 100 at the beginning of the event. Every time a monster reaches the Divine Altar, its HP will decrease. The longer the guild Altar stands, the more rewards you and your guild members will receive. A special buff can be purchased by consuming guild contribution, offering stat boosts only in the Divine Altar. The Divine Altar event may be unlocked once per day by the guild master. Unique skills may also be used when in the Divine Altar by consuming guild wealth. Divine Altar skill details may be found below:

      1. Holy Worship - Restore the Divine Altar's HP by 20 points.
      • Cooldown Time: 300 seconds
      • Guild Wealth: 10,000

      2. Time Freeze - Freeze all monsters in the current wave for 2 minutes.
      • Cooldown Time: 300 seconds
      • Guild Wealth: 10,000


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        Cross-Server Battlegrounds

        Think you’re the baddest of the bad? Now you can test your ability in the amazing cross-server battlegrounds! That's right, one of Wartune's top PvP events is now across all servers. Battlegrounds are divided by level, with players of level 30-39, 40-49, 50-59, 60-69 and level 70-80 fighting separately. Players may take part in as many Battlegrounds as they wish, however will only receive rewards for the first two attempts. After that, players will only receive Honor and cross-server PvP Points. Battleground attempts will now reset at 5:00 (Server Time).

        Cross-Server PvP points is an all-new system to award only the strongest warriors in Balenor, which may be earned by killing players in the Battleground and Arena. Players who reach 1000 cross-server PvP points will receive a Warrior's Mark, which may then be exchanged for various rewards.

        Cross-Server Rankings

        Want to see how you rank against the competition? Cross-Server rankings are now available based on player level, player strength, guild level, guild strength, Honor, Charm, Mount Strength and PvP points!

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          Improved Astral One-Click Sell

          Tired of all those low level Astrals? Now you can select which quality Astrals you want to sell with just one click! Options include: White and below, Green and below and Blue and below. Astrals sold with the One-Click Sell function will exclude synthesized Astrals. Just one more labor saving device from the good folks at Wartune.

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          Updated Mystery Shop

          Never seem to find anything useful in the Mystery Shop? With its new update, rarer items will be up for grabs! These items include various Lvl. 7 Gems and mounts! Additionally, certain Market Shop items may now be purchased using Points. Players will receive Points every time they purchase a Market Shop item using Balens or by resetting the Market Shop inventory. Discounts on rarer items? Points you can use to get items for free? We're insane to even consider these deals!

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            Updated Guild Battle

            With the 1.5 update, only 8 guilds will be able to take part in the Guild Battle. With only the strongest guilds being able to compete, the Guild Battle will now only consist of three rounds, with the final round ending on Friday night. Other updates include improved rewards as guilds who rank higher in the Guild Battle rankings will now receive greater rewards. Additionally, following the final Guild Battle, the guild master of the winning guild may deliver special prizes to select guild members. Because we saw the rewards for winning, and thought, 'You know what this needs? More prizes." Got a VIP for the day, give him a reward! Need to help boost your weaker members up? Give them a reward! Or make the strong even stronger. Its all there for the taking, you just have to win...

            Improved Blitz

            Blitzing in Wartune has gotten even better! Players will now be able to select if they wish to spend Gold to open Silver Treasure Chests and/or use Skeleton Keys to open Mystery Boxes when blitzing through solo dungeons. You'll be able to get more from your Blitzes, but only if you choose the option to do so!


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              Automatic VIP Cooldowns - That's right, cooldowns for all VIPs have gotten even easier. All building, levy, technology and duel cooldowns will now be automatic, no longer showing in the cooldown list!

              Updated VIP Wheel
              - No more fiddling around! The VIP Wheel will now allow players to spin for multiple rewards with one click! By clicking the Spin All button, all VIP Tokens needed will be consumed at once. Yet another labor saving tool, from the fine makers at Wartune.

              Improved Rose Sending – Sending a random bunch of roses feel too impersonal for you? Now you can send a customized declaration of love, gratitude, or complete and utter nonsense, too! Roses are red, Wartune players are keen. When my city gets looted, it hurts right in my spleen.

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              Emoticons – Have difficulty expressing yourself in-game? Well, you won’t have to worry about this anymore! Various emoticons may now be used in all chat channels. WARNING: Do not taunt happy fun emoticon.
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                Miscellaneous Changes
                • Mount, Luxury Jaguar, may now be purchased in the Shop.
                • Wings will now appear when in-battle.
                • Bounty Scrolls are now stackable.
                • The in-game Game Guide has been updated.
                • All players' cities have been moved to Twilight Sands.