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[Guide] Patch 1.6: Part I

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  • [Guide] Patch 1.6: Part I

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    Wartune 1.6 has finally arrived and includes the following updates:
    • Class Wars - Rule your class! - More Info
    • Tank Trials - Tired of the same old events? Try out the Tank Trials for an all new approach! - More Info
    • Rune System - Learn, enhance, and develop your own customized Rune System! - More Info
    • Dressing Room - Can't find your clothes? Check out the dressing room to see all your options! - More Info
    • Talent Level Caps - The Talents section of Skills now has level caps. - More Info

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    Class Wars

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    The Class Wars as an epic PvP, cross-server, single class based event for players level 50+. During the event players will battle against others of their same class, and their class alone. The event is divided into three main parts: Preliminaries, Finals, and Wagers.

    The Preliminaries - Once the Preliminaries begin, players will fight through a max of 15 rounds, depending on whether or not they join on time or come in at a later round. Of these players, only the top 100 in each class will qualify for the Finals.

    The Finals - Once the Finals begin, there will again be a max of 15 rounds. Only those who have qualified for the Finals will be able to access the Class Wars event during this time. Once the Finals are over, the top 3 winners (one for each class) will be awarded a special mount and title among other prizes. The top player overall out of all the classes will be awarded even greater rewards and will unlock a special server-wide blessing for his or her server.

    Wagers are a great way for all players level 35 and above to try their luck on guessing the top three finalists or take a lucky draw with the One-click Select option. In order to win a portion of the Glory Crystal prize pool, players must select the top 3 winners correctly. Losing wagers will still win a smaller amount of Glory Crystal. Previous winners and their rewards can be seen in the Winners List.

    One of the most important prizes gained through the Class Wars is Glory Crystal. Glory Crystal can be used in the Class War's Glory Shop which features various rare and unique items that can only be purchased with Glory Crystal. Be wary, Glory Crystals expire after a certain amount of time so be sure to grab the items you are eyeing while you can!

    Note: The Class Wars will be a monthly event. Players will be informed in advance prior to the start of the Preliminaries and Finals each month.


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      Tank Trials

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      Unlocked at level 36, the Tank Trials is a daily PvP/PvE battleground. The event starts at 21:00 (server time) and lasts 25 minutes. During the event, players join a party in which they will enter the battlefield with. There are several several stages in which players will compete against each other as well as a BOSS. Players gain points by defeating other tanks. Special chests will appear throughout the battleground that will give your tank special attacks and bonuses, be sure to collect these to keep ahead of the game! The even will end once the time limit is up, or the difference between points reaches 1000.

      Various tank appearances can be unlocked once the player reaches a certain Tank Technology level. The more advanced the tank, the better the stats.

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      Players can gain Runestones and a whole slew of other rich prizes through this event!


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        Rune System

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        Unlocked at level 35, the Rune System can be found by clicking on the skills handbook. While the current Runes in game are still in place and will provide players with some experience in regards to the new system, this system will allow players to learn and develop Runes as they see fit. Each class has it's own set of specific set of Runes. After learning a Rune, players will have to find and collect Runestones to continue upgrading the Rune. Runestones specifically designed for a Rune will cause a greater impact during upgrade, while varying other Runestones will only yield a slight improvement. With each upgrade, the Rune will grow stronger and greatly enhance it's effects.


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          Dressing Room

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          The Dressing Room is a new addition to the Clothing feature of Wartune. It now lists all the available clothing currently in game and allows players to select, try on, and save outfit choices and is completely free. Although players may only equip clothing that has already been obtained, they can try on all outfits that can be found in game.

          Players' highest clothing level will always remain equipped no matter what clothing is chosen to be shown. In addition, once the appearance is unlocked it will remain unlocked through the Dressing Room, and the clothing may be sold or converted at will.

          Inactivated clothing may still be obtained through the Shop, Clothing Synthesis, or special events.

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            Talent Level Caps

            The Talents now have level caps based on character level as seen below.

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