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[Guide] Patch 1.6: Part II

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  • [Guide] Patch 1.6: Part II

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    Wartune 1.6 Part II is here and includes the following updates:
    • Wheel of Fate - Determine the power of your Fate... skill... with this new system! - More Info
    • Tower of Kings - Gather your strongest allies and conquer this perilous new dungeon! - More Info
    • Rune Boost - An even faster way to gaine Rune EXP. - More Info
    • Various Changes - A few changes to current gameplay. - More Info

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    Wheel of Fate

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    Unlocked at level 55, the Wheel of Fate can be accessed via the Purple Fate icon in the Character Panel. Players spin the Wheel of Fate to obtain Fate Stones. Players get one free spin every day, with additional spins available for Balens. Upon acquiring Fate Stones, players can use them to upgrade their Fate via "Train".

    Fate level controls the strength of the player's Fate skill - Brutal Edge. The higher Fate is upgraded, the more powerful the skill. Brutal Edge increases a player's attack and HP with each skill level, with an additional X% chance to ignore X points of a target's defense (the X value depends on the skill level). Upon reaching specific Fate levels, the player will also receive a special aura of power.


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      Tower of Kings

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      Unlocked at level 38. the Tower of Kings is a challenging multiplayer dungeon which can be accessed via the Hall of Heroes. There are four levels of difficulty: Easy, Normal, Hard, and Nightmare. Players may for parties of up to 4 to challenge the tower. Challenging the Tower of Kings will yield massive quantities of EXP, rare items, and Shadow Souls.

      Shadow Souls can be synthesized into Rare mounts.


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        Rune Boost

        Players may now spend specified amounts of Balens to increase a Rune's EXP quickly. With each boost, players will have a chance to receive varying bonuses in addition to basic rewards.


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          Various Changes

          Battle Rating - When a player's Battle Rating updates, they will now see the change via an onscreen animation.
          Function Preview - Players may now click on the icon in the top right of the screen to see previews of functions that have opened or will open at their current and next level.
          Dungeons - Players will only have 1 multiplayer dungeon attempts per day; however, EXP and item drops have been multiplied to compensate for the lost attempts.
          Tutorial - The tutorial has received several updates for better gameplay.
          Efficiency - Overall game efficiency has been increased as have many other issues including several attributing to the black screen of death.