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[Guide] Patch 2.1 - Part One

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  • [Guide] Patch 2.1 - Part One

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Name:	banner21part12.png
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    Wartune 2.1 Part One has arrived and includes the following updates:
    • Cloud City - Tired of the same old city day in and day out? Then Cloud City is the place for you! - More Info

    • Sylphs - Take the Wartune world by storm with the all new Sylph system - More Info

    • Experience Recovery - Forced to leave your beloved computer to go on vacation? Worry no longer with the new Recovery system - More Info

    • Advanced Technologies - Further improve your hero and troop stats with Advanced Technologies - More Info

    • Level 8 Mount - Explore Cloud City like a BOSS on the latest mount, the Azure Dragon - More Info

    • Batch Selling - Tired of selling items one by one? No more! With the new batch selling feature, you are now able to sell multiple items at once - More Info

    • Bound Balens - The end of the Voucher era has come, so check out these bad boys - More Info

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    Cloud City - Players level 15 and above are now able to travel to and from Cloud City. This new area has an "open world" feel to it in which players can interact with one another. Some of the main city's functions have been relocated to Cloud City including the Arena, Bounty Quests, Hall of Heroes and the Mystery Shop. Each of these locations can be accessed via the appropriate NPC.


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Name:	Sylph.png
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      Sylphs - Unlocked at level 50. Sylphs can be found in the Sylph Atoll of Cloud City. In order to own a sylph, players must first capture sylph essence in the Sylph Atoll and then exchange the essence for a sylph at one of the Sylph Exchanges.
      • Engulf - Active sylphs can gain even greater amounts of EXP by engulfing lesser or unwanted sylphs. EXP can also be gained through battle and from cultivating a sylph on the Farm.
      • Enchant - Use Sepulcrum to enchant a sylph and further increase its attribute growth.
      • Sylph Atoll - Available upon reaching level 50, players may obtain Sylph, Sepulcrum and Sylph Essence in the Sylph Atoll. Players may then exchange certain amounts of Sylph Essence at Sylphs. When in the Sylph Atoll, players may attack one another. To attack, simply target a player and click Attack in the drop-down menu. Players who are defeated will return back to Cloud City.
      • Sylph Exchange - Collect enough sylph essence while battling sylphs to exchange for an actual sylph here.
      • Sylph Arena - The Sylph Arena is a battle unlike any other, pitting sylph against sylph in an extreme show of power and excellence. Players level 55 and above can access the Sylph Arena via an NPC in Cloud City.

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        Experience Recovery

        Not all players are able to log-in and use their all of their attempts every day, which is why we have brought to you the Experience Recovery system. With this system, you may exchange unused attempts for resources (EXP, Stamina, etc depending on the system). There are two options: Basic Recovery and Advanced Recovery (offering higher yields). Basic Recovery consumes Gold, whereas Advanced Recovery consumes Signet Training Tokens. Signet Training Tokens will be featured rewards in future events, however may currently be purchased with Balens. To purchase them, simply select the Advanced Recovery button and select the Replace with Balens option. Check out the available exchange below.
        • MP Dungeon attempts will receive Experience
        • Forgotten Catacombs attempts will receive Experience
        • Tormented Necropolis attempts will receive Experience
        • Bounty Quests will receive Experience
        • Altar of Ennoblement attempts will receive Stamina
        • Unused Stamina will receive Stamina
        • Arena attempts will receive Insignia
        • World BOSS attempts will receive Gold & Daru
        • Town Hall Levies will receive Gold

        Players may access the Experience Recovery system by clicking the Daily Events button, located at the top of your screen, and then clicking the Get EXP button.


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Name:	Technologies.png
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          Advanced Technologies – Already maxed out your Academy’s technologies? Unlocked once your Academy has reached level 50, further improve your hero and troops stats with advanced technologies, which can be found on page two of your city’s Academy.


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Name:	AzureDragon.png
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ID:	1677123
            New Features
            • Level 8 Mount - A sacred dragon from Cloud City, the Azure Dragon, will only submit itself to the rule of Gods. This unique mount can fly freely throughout Cloud City.
            • Batch Selling - Items may now be sold in batches. Click the Sell button in your Inventory and then the items you wish to sell for more details.
            • Rose Return - Players who receive Roses now have the option to send Flowers back in return with a simple click. When receiving Roses, a small pop-up window will appear asking whether you would like to send Flowers back.
            • Tormented Necropolis Blitz - Short on time? The Tormented Necropolis may now be blitzed.

            Miscellaneous Changes
            • The entire in-game user interface has been revamped.
            • Vouchers have been replaced with Bound Balens with a ratio of 20:1.
            • The guild interface has been revamped, offering a new look to all guild events.
            • Bounty Quests, Arena, Mystery Shop, and Hall of Heroes can now be accessed in Cloud City.
            • World Boss, Bloodfang, has been removed.
            • Crypt Shop and Arena Shop items have been slightly adjusted.
            • Gold output of main city has been increased.
            • Daru and Kyanite output of the Farm/Tree of Ancients has been increased.
            • The tutorial and various quests have been updated and optimized.


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              Bound Balens

              In Wartune version 2.1, Vouchers have been replaced by Bound Balens.

              • Voucher Exchange: Vouchers can be exchanged for Bound Balens at a ration of 20:1.
              • Guild Altar: Players may get Bound Balens from the guild Altar.
              • Daily Check-in: Receive 100 Bound Balens for checking in 17 times and 200 Bound Balens for checking in 26 times.
              • Spire: There is a chance to receive Bound Balens from the chests received after completing a dungeon.

              Using Bound Balens

              Bound Balens can be used in a multitude of ways, please remember to have the "spend Bound Balens first" checked when you're confirming a purchase!

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Name:	purchase shop items.png
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ID:	1677766
              • Shop: Bound Balens can be used to purchase many of the items in the Shop such as: clothing, Crypt Keys, Mount Cards, Bonus EXP Scrolls and more. Items not available for Bound Balens: VIP Cards, Spirit Covenant scrolls, or Hot Items. Please note that items purchased with Bound Balens cannot be sent as gifts.
              • Refinement: Bound Balens can be used to lock stats when refining equipment.

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Name:	bounty board.png
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ID:	1677767 Click image for larger version

Name:	mysteryshop.png
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              • Bounty Quests/Mystery Shop: Bound Balens can be used to refresh the Bounty Board and refresh or buy items from the Mystery Shop.
              • Spire Shop: Use Bound Balens to purchase skills in the Spire.
              • Cooldowns: Bound Balens may also be used to end Construction and Technology cooldowns.