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[Guide] Patch 3.1: Part I

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    Originally posted by R2_Helen View Post
    Class Advancement


    Brand-new Skills

    Upon reaching level 80, Class Advancement quests will be triggered and an icon will appear in the top right of the screen to guide players towards finishing the following steps:
    • Clear Lych’s Lair (Nightmare)
    • Win a Tank Battles
    • Win 3 Battleground events
    • Clear Dragon King Abyss

    Note: Once the above steps have been completed and all the required Dragon Essence collected, upgrade your Dragon Soul to legendary and talk to the NPC to advance your class. Once activated, your character will have access to new features and systems!
    what is "Dragon King Abyss" ?
    R2 s116 Red Realm + (s113-s119) + (s126-s129-s132-s135) + (s72-s75-s78-s84-s88-s91)

    IGN : Illyasviel
    Class : Archer
    Guild : •OneŽ•
    LvL : 80
    Sylph : Zeus, Hecate, Poseidon
    BR : over 9000!!!


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      Originally posted by icesz View Post
      what is "Dragon King Abyss" ?
      a room where you fight a dragon. beat 5 monsters guarding it first. similar room to the one used for dragon's invasion, but this is a solo quest. very easy, i even killed all of them without using any skills. (due to this heavy lag, my toon stuck on loading when i click them. then suddenly the battle ends)
      its recommended to save some stamina(60?) before doing that quest.
      Originally posted by Wraithraiser
      Welcome to R2 forums. Where quality is nonexistent and quantity is only measured in the number of whines a single day can produce.


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        Originally posted by LordVOODOO View Post
        Now after amount of exp needed to lvl up was reduced, all lvl80 players must be compensated!!! Where is our compensation that we spent so much more exp just to get into lvl80? We could use that exp for talents, so where is our compensation?
        AGREE, but not only just lvl 80s' exp ****** up.. Definitely huge issue and needs to be fixed !

        Originally posted by R240913317 View Post
        this suck. i already have collect 50 shard for the jelwery legend lvl 70 and some for ring legend lvl 70, now with new patch only need 10 for everyone, same with the shard for gear i lost 10 for every gear, server should do a event for echange that items for no lost the crypt tokens & some insignias...!!
        AGREE, this kind of changes should at least been announced! Really MADE MY DAY [SARCASM] to notice the reduced requirements after I have collected Much over needed amount .. You know that takes two months to collect those 7000 crypt tokens I spent on spare shards. You expect taht people are selling those with 500 gold each? How about fellas already did upgrade the equipment? Question to people working on R2: Do this company actually ever do anything but urinate all over it's fellow customers!?


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          without non-cashers game would crumble,no-one to pick on/cashers would get tired of spending money to keep up with the guy whos spending more and b4 u know it your broke and all u have to show 4 it is a character who couldnt keep up with kardashians


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            Question to people working on R2: Do this company actually ever do anything but urinate all over it's fellow customers

            Other end of the spectrum as well, those that were just realising you needed to camp at lvls since lvling makes you weaker a lot of the time, got royally shafted as well. They cut the talent levels before 70 by about half, about 1.5 BILLION xp gone in one patch. Any notice? Not at all. Of course older players can keep their talent levels and lvl. I was just on half way through gettin 60 set legend and now im 70, and i cant even fric kin get the 70 equipment started because my honour is too low to buy crystaloids. So much for the plan to hit 100k BR and get equipment and honour sorted out before going 70. Now im a pathetically weak 70 back to the wolves....My MPD group is destroyed...YOU DONT GAIN BY LEVELLING TOO FAST IN THIS GAME ! But R2 FORCED us to ! I've paid more for this game than anything i've ever paid before and i get, and others get treated like ....

            And why? Cuz were missing the fun? Yeh sorry losing 15 arena fights, gettins slaughtered for half hour in BG, harder MPD's, harder map boss's..and we gained what exactly R2 ? +4 int ? +10 charisma ? Sorry rush the press im uber now....

            IF you TRUST R2 and pay for ANY of their games your an idiot, they can do whatever they like whenever they like.. What next reduce every1's BR by 50% remove their inventories ? R2 has no ethical standards at all.. DONT TRUST THEM, KEEP YOUR MONEY. At least no one overnight is goin to sneak into your house and change your favourite game are they?


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              after patch i cant loading the game.. stuck or server not found...
              need your support, guys


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                if I buy the ring and propose. can my spouse pay for the wedding or since I proposed, do I have to pay for it. my question is can it be split between both parties


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                    just one more thing to hate this game as it only cares about Cashers and High Level players. Those with low BRs get no break from these upgrades. thanks a lot lame R2


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                      Bump the Marrige Thing!