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Balen lode

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  • Balen lode

    Since no one has opened a topic about this somehow overcomplicated promotion, I do it.

    I describe what I think how it works. And if you think I am wrong, please correct me.

    From today (feb 12) until feb 14 you can buy ONE balen lode for 500, 5000 or 30000 balens.

    If you do that, you will get back the balen spent, plus 20-50% bonus bound balens in the course of the next 5 days.
    For example, if you have 5000 balens now, you buy the lode, and by 19th of Feb, you will have 5000 balen AND 2000 bound balens.

    Am I right?
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    Yes, that should be correct unless there is a typo there which will be found after.
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      That is what the event states


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        can it be split? cause mol points acc have a limit of around 140usd credit only


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          Originally posted by Infected.s76 View Post
          can it be split? cause mol points acc have a limit of around 140usd credit only
          you "pay" with the ballens you have
          it's not a recharge event.
          you have to chose ONE of the 3 possibilities : 500, 5000 or 30000 ballens
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            can a MOD clarify it?

            only reason i ask is the picture and the "help" seem to be at odds over this event.

            For example if i purchase the 5000 balen package the picture below it shows the rewards of 5000 UNbound balens and 2000 bouns an apparent no brainer if u got the balens!

            However if you click the "help" button note number 4 states clearly that "items obtained during the event are bound."

            so does that mean the picture is misleading and its 7000 bound balens for 5000 unbound? because if it is im not interested

            Can some1 that knows for sure clarify it?


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              If I had the balens for the bigger amount, I would do it in a heart beat. If what everyone says and from what I understand, you are getting free bound balens.

              I will do the 500 balens deal and will get 100 bound balens.


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                Thanks for your help - 30k balens purchased, no reward because I didn't understand the event.

                We have already instructed you, check the screenshot that you have provided to us, there was a note below " During the event only one Balen Lode may be purchase" The event clearly stated that you need to purchase Balen Lode and there is a Purchase button that you need to click. There is no stated that you need to spend the balens to buy items or use the balens for Guild cool-down to qualify for this event. This is not hard to understand. Check the forum link, click CTRL-F ten type Balen Lode and read the description properly.